Saturday, January 21, 2012

The hype around the Cahn message plus its general lack of circulation among Christians is the real mystery

I don't get it. The Jonathan Cahn study of 9/11 is convincing in and of itself, so two things are a puzzle: 1) why isn't it getting the attention and seriousness it deserves, and 2) why does there have to be all the hype around it?

On the hype question, All the stuff about "secret" knowledge for instance -- what's secret about God's word? "An ancient mystery" blah blah de blah. The Bible is full of mystery but not the kind of mystery that calls for that spooky tone of voice. It's there to be discovered by an obedient and persistent believer. And I thought that's what Cahn did in this case -- God led him to the many signs that connect 9/11 with Isaiah 9:10 -- they are there for anyone to appreciate, there's no need for the tone of breathy excitement and hoked-up drama that some treat it with.

The link above is to a publication by a Sid Roth who has a program with that tone titled It's Supernatural, on which he interviewed Cahn, and I could have put that up here too but the tone put me off so I didn't. But he's not the only one who treats this revelation that way. Even the cover to Cahn's book has that tone to it. Even the single word "Harbinger" as its title carries some of that feeling. I've simply tried to ignore that because the evidence in itself is good enough, but I have to admit that the tone of the cover detracts from the message.

That tone usually goes with something that's fake or at least exaggerated beyind its intrinsic value, but that hasn't seemed to be the case with this Bible-based information about 9/11. It's straightforward Biblical truth unless I'm missing it completely.

As for the lack of attention: Apparently this prophecy is better known among SOME Christians than I knew. At the same time it's nowhere near as well known as it should be. Googling it now I find many more references to it than I knew existed when I started posting on it, but since it strikes me as so amazingly authentic it's hard to believe it isn't well known by ALL Christians by now. How come it's only getting circulated in limited segments of the Church? I find now that Charisma magazine had it on their cover a few years ago. Is it because it's associated with that branch of the church that it's being ignored by the more mainstream churches? Does the hype tone have something to do with its being so generally ignored?

That is really unfortunate if so. It SHOULD be known to all of us and in fact be taken seriously as THE concern of the day until we have a great movement of repentance and revival based on it, which is the only right response the churches could have.

I have not found even one discussion of this prophecy that questions its authenticity so that is not the reason it is being ignored. It MUST be because it's associated with the charismatic and messianic movements then, and perhaps also the tone of hype that is unfortunately laid on it?

If this isn't the reason, if there are objections to this message that I'm failing to appreciate, SOMEBODY PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Meanwhile I'm still convinced of the authenticity and importance of this message and I'm going to put up Cahn's conference talk on it again:

We don't need the hype and it detracts from the message. God's prophets didn't carry on in that tone about their revelations. It should be a straightforward reverent study of God's word. If I weren't already convinced by the evidence itself I wouldn't pursue something with that atmosphere surrounding it. At least Cahn himself doesn't treat it that way in this talk I keep linking to, although he can get pulled into it by those interviewing him to some extent.

Here's another one with that hype tone and this one tells us that America is going to end on September 30, 2015 because of something contained in this prophecy. If people believe such things why don't they have a tone of mourning and seriousness and concern to see if anything can be done to prevent such an outcome? So they think we'll just sit here with breathless excitement passing the popcorn waiting for America to go up in smoke so we can say "Wow that was amazing!" and walk out of the theater or what?


And here's another discussion of the same prophecy, and this one includes video of both Daschle and Edwards, so that's useful -- but they have to hoke it up by putting dramatic music over their speeches. BLECH.

Again, it's as if the important IMPLICATIONS of this prophecy for America are just going ignored while the uncanniness itself is being treated as something that provokes awe and wonder for their own sake.

If this message is being suppressed for such reasons, those who add the hype and those who fail to appreciate its authenticity in spite of the hype are both seriously at fault. As is anyone who judges it not on its own merits but on its association with the charismatic or messianic contexts. That's called "judging a book by its cover."