Thursday, July 31, 2014

Islam invasion of the whole world coming soon?

As usual there's plenty of sad news in the world but the latest for me is what Chris Pinto reported on about the Muslim invasion of France.  It's not new but it's getting worse every day and there is no will to stop it because France is just one of the western nations that has been completely paralyzed by Political Correctness.  And it's probably God's judgment so it isn't going to get any better until they turn back to Him, which isn't likely to happen.

It's the last half of this show:

At the end Chris gives his very sensible advice to France for dealing with the problem, very clearly a cure if they would or could do it. But that's the problem, nobody has the will to deal with these things any more. And I think that probably is God's judgment, in which case there's only one solution as I say above, which isn't likely to happen.

Sorry for such a bummer of a post.  It's all I'm up to.