Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maybe...REVIVAL TOO? Well, time is running out. Here's Jonathan Cahn again

I just heard Jonathan Cahn's speech again that I'd posted below and realized that he believes the prophecy is not just for judgment but also for revival. That hadn't come through to me before. He thinks that the fact that the chapel was spared on 9/11, the chapel where George Washington and the other government leaders prayed over his inauguration as President, and that it was apparently spared by the sycamore tree that was struck by the beam from the falling tower, is a prophecy that we WILL have revival. And he thinks that the flocking to the churches right after 9/11, where they didn't hear the truth about the attack, isn't the sad failure and condemnation of America that I've been seeing in it, but should be understood as a prophecy of a real revival yet to come.

All I can say is I hope he is right. And I'm going to put up that same video again. Hear it to the end.

A problem for me is that the church in New York City, Trinity Wall Street Church, of which the little St. Paul's chapel is a part, is completely apostate, an antichrist church, and is itself a sign of WHY the nation is under judgment. But I want to believe Jonathan Cahn is right and that God is going to bring us a true revival yet, and I pray, Lord, that the revival will bring many apostate churches back to You.

Here is Part 1 of Jonathan Bernis' interview of Jonathan Cahn last weekend:

And here is Part 2 of Jonathan Bernis' interview of Jonathan Cahn today:

The speech posted above these recent interviews was given in 2005, so it's going on seven years that the suggestion that a revival is part of the prophecy hasn't materialized -- and twelve years since 9/11 itself --sorry, eleven years --== and as Cahn says to Jonathan Bernis in the interview today, we are in a particularly dangerous time right now because if anything the nation has been turning farther away from God.

I keep thinking that these revelations of God's hand in 9/11 could themselves bring people back to God. I want to try to get this information by Jonathan Cahn out to as many people as possible. If people harden their hearts against it, so be it, but this is such amazingly uncanny specific prophecy about America under God's judgment it's got to take a heart like flint not to get it.