Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Revival and Personal Revival

Another theme I haven't yet developed here as much as I'd hoped to is about the nature of revival and our need of the Holy Spirit to come in power in these days. I did give a link to SermonIndex where you can hear the sermons from last Fall's Revival Conference, and some of them are very inspiring.

Of course we need the Holy Spirit to come in power in ANY time, and we need Him as individuals whether we have revival or not. I mentioned below, in the post about the woman's head covering, how I recently discovered a very inspiring teacher, Zac Poonen. I can't recommend his writings and sermons enough. This is a page of his books, which can be read online:

A famine of hearing the word of the Lord Pt 8

I haven't followed up on the Bible Versions topic as I had hoped to do, especially in giving more references to information so others can track it all down.

Here I'll just link to a talk by Scott Johnson on the New King James Bible:

In his weekly teachings Johnson mostly reads from various sources on topics that relate to the last days we are living in, to alert the church. You can download the PDF document here, that he's posted at Sermon Audio on the page alongside the audio button, which gives the material he's reading from, and includes various graphics you need to see for yourself in some cases. The material for this teaching covers the occultic and Catholic source of the triquetra symbol printed at the front of the NKJV(at least older editions of it -- until people started complaining) and many of the changes in the text, most of which are the same as all the new versions, showing that the NKJV is VERY far from just an updating of the KJV.

Listen carefully, the changes are both meaningless useless nuisance changes and changes that change the meaning of the text.

When you become aware of the kinds of changes that were made, you must see that they are designed to obscure and confuse, they are far from clarifying.

This teaching alone ought to demonstrate that the new versions aren't just new translations, let alone mere updatings, they are something diabolical and destructive.

I think Johnson must be right that all the changes from version to version are there because a new one must have sufficient differences from earlier versions in order to qualify for copyright. Which means the motive is money, so it's the money motive that leads them to commit this sin against the church of causing chaos, confusion and disunity.