Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bohemian Grove Pt 3 & "watchman" type exposes in general

One last remark about the Bohemian Grove: It's none of our business. It's none of a Christian's business what people do on their vacations, whether they are the wealthy and powerful or anybody else. Hasn't it occurred to anyone that if such men are plotting political actions we object to they could do it anywhere, they don't need the Bohemian Grove for the purpose? High level political talks go on behind closed doors all the time, what's the big deal about some of them going on in the woods?

If it's the pagan ceremonies that bother you, it's SO clear that's just theatrical and nobody engaged in them believes they are invoking supernatural powers, but if anybody is, it's a very few who put on the show, the guests have nothing to do with it. Besides, this country is full of pagan rites of all sorts now anyway. If you want to kindly warn the guests that they might be exposing themselves to occultic influences that's fine, though I doubt they'd listen because they take it all for entertainment, but that's not what these self-appointed exposers are doing, they are fingerpointing at the attendees and even the invitees as if they are committing some sort of crime even to be on the BG's list.

I believe all this applies to the Skull and Bones society as well. How silly to make so much of the childish pranks of fraternity boys. Why should we be surprised if they play with devilish things -- the world is full of devilish things.

ON THE OTHER HAND: Exposing the occultic influence of Disney productions or Hollywood IS our business because they directly affect the public. Exposing heresies in Christian movements is our business because they can mislead Christians. Exposing the claims of anti-Christian religions and leaders is our business too, for the same reason. We are supposed to be watching for signs of the times, such as counterfeit Christs in these last days, to avoid being led astray. There are "watchman" ministries that focus on helping us do that, but some subjects they get into are not helpful toward that end.

When it comes to specific accusations of specific political leaders some who delve into these things are not fearful enough about smearing a person's reputation with little cause. They forget the Biblical rule of charity and that we are not to judge others, especially those who are not believers. These slandermongers have no sense of restraint, and believe the worst against a man on the flimsiest of evidence. Some of the most hideous accusations are made in these "ministries," so hideous that you'd think a person would want to think twice, three, four times before even hinting that they might be true. When proof is there, that's one thing, I'm talking about cases where the proof is mostly somebody's emotional "witness" and mere suspiciousness based on a few scattered impressions that can be misinterpreted.

I also have a problem with the claims about the Illuminati and that sort of thing. I don't know if half of what is said about this group is even half true. I just don't know. You'd think with all that's said about them I'd have a clearer idea but I don't. There's a lot of heat but little light, a lot of bald assertion backed up by little real evidence. "The Illuminati do this, the Illuminati do that." Where's the evidence? Some of the powers attributed to them are laughably beyond the human. Many assertions are made, but the quality of evidence is really questionable. I'm not sure it even matters, either. Why do we care if Satan has some powerful people in his employ? We know he has power in this world and for that matter power over all unsaved human beings. What good does it do us to know such specific things if true? All we are to do is live according to Christ. He didn't tell us to delve into the doings of the nonbelieving world.