Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Political Correctness of Multiculturalism / Mark Steyn

As I was writing the previous post I came across the video I've embedded below of an interview with Mark Steyn on the subject of The Fraud of Multiculturalism. He's doing a good job on the subject but the interviewer obviously doesn't get what Multiculturalism means, and Steyn doesn't seem to grasp that he's confused.

In fact he contributes to the confusion by failing to make a crucial distinction between melting-pot style mingling of the colorful aspects of multiethnicity, and the insistence of the Politically Correct ideology of Multiculturalism that practices contrary to western democracy must be absorbed by the host culture.

To the interviewer it means the benign multiethnicity that characterizes the melting pot:  that you can come to a western society from any other culture and be treated with respect, which you can't expect by moving to any tribal culture. He's thinking of the melting pot in which a plurality of cultural practices are given free play and doesn't understand why anyone would object to that.

The problem here is what the word "cultural" means. I don't think there is a better term than Multiculturalism for what it refers to, but it makes people think of ethnic foods and colorful festivals and racial differences and languages and other distinctions between cultures that we enjoy, rather than what it's meant to mean, which I think boil down to the laws that govern a culture.

The reason the west can welcome so many different cultures is that we don't operate by tribal laws, but by laws intentionally hammered out over centuries toward the greatest good for the greatest number, for the highest justice for all. Historically it has been acknowledged that the west, and particularly America, have arrived at the best form of justice. No, not perfect, but it does have a consistent character from which ideally imperfections can be corrected over time. The American Constitution even anticipates the need for such change and provides guidelines for bringing it about.

Every kind of ethnic lifestyle from exotic foods and celebrations to the different racial types, can all find a place within this legal system, but the foreigners do have to learn the basic laws and institutions that have formed the larger culture into which they are expected to assimilate. But foreign forms of law cannot be assimilated, and should not. Tribal law is usually oppressive. Yet what Multiculturalism does is invite such alien legal systems to corrupt our own, the very laws that make multiethnic expression possible in the first place.

As Steyn says, MC thinking for instance makes an equivalence between the Common Law inheritance of Canada and the tribal law practiced on any small patch of jungle somewhere. It goes beyond that into proposing that these primitive systems be incorporated into our own, or "tolerating" them in their separate enclaves. And if we argue that foreigners need to adapt to the host culture, and that our system is a better form of justice, we're accused, usually, of racism. So what we have here is one of the many forms of Political Correctness that are designed to destroy western civilization. See the video of Bill Lind on the general history of Political Correctness in the previous post.

More Steyn on Multiculturalism:

Political Correctness, the Devil's Own Doctrine, is killing us all

I don't want to add to the hysteria about Ebola, but on the other hand there isn't much reassuring to be said either. We are in the hands of idiots, another name for people who subscribe to Political Correctness. This pernicious idiocy has been growing for decades and wreaking havoc in society on any number of issues, but who would have imagined it could wreak havoc at the level of giving free rein to a deadly communicable disease?

It's Political Correctness that has brought us officially legalized gay marriage, though not just gay marriage but the criminalization of those who consider gay marriage to be a violation of God's Law. This is an infringement of the First Amendment rights of those dissenters, but Political Correctness has no respect for our Constitution, Political Correctness rewrites our Constitution to support any number of bizarre objectives that no sane society ever even considered before. If a way can be found to identify some group as oppressed by the larger culture by being denied some practice or other, even if that practice threatens the wellbeing of the culture itself, as some "religious" practices do, and even if it's a group that is at best two percent of the population, that group can become the basis for denying First Amendment rights to anyone who opposes the mentality of that group, by calling that person racist or sexist or something like that, and punishing them with fines or other sanctions. But how many see the evil in this and protest it?

It is Political Correctness that has been perverting the American Constitution and most specifically the First Amendment, for decades now. We don't yet have Shariah law anywhere, but the idea is absurdly promoted by the Politically Correct, who simply have no idea what our Constitution is all about, or don't care. It's akin to the American Communist movement in the early part of the twentieth century, the first wave of idiots who had no idea what America is all about and absurdly believed that Marxism was a fairer system. Thus does the devil do his dirty work. By the sixties they had succeeded in eliminating American History and Institutions as a requirement from American Universities, and installing any number of Marx-infected professors who had an irrational hatred for America.

Multiculturalism is one of the idiotic tenets of Political Correctness. The American system of government that was once just about universally understood to be the best form of government ever invented, taken as a model for all nations everywhere, is now treated as nothing more than a mere accidentally developed culture that is equal to all other cultures, including third world cultures, cultures that abuse women and children and still practice slavery, you name it, all we have to offer any more is supposedly a white-man's preference and not a universal boon to humanity at all. We could maybe hope that this insanity would give way to reality eventually but for the fact that our system itself has been systematically undermined in the image of Political Correctness for a few decades now. All fueled by irrational Hatred of America.

The excuse for this is primarily the racism of the southern states that the nation labored under into the twentieth century, which simply became a tool in the hands of the anti-American wrecking crew. It's this hatred of America that is the root of all the PC tenets, and as a matter of fact we can trace Political Correctness to Marxism. There is some reason to think the buck doesn't stop there, however, as some of the influences on Marxism can be traced further back to the stealthy secretive work of the Jesuits, who did have a hand in the training of major Marxists and Communists, including Marx himself. And THEIR motive would be easy to fathom: America was once a major Protestant nation, like Britain, which has also been a favorite target of theirs. Ironically, however, the racism of the southern states can be found strongly represented among Roman Catholics. (Anybody remember that the South got into the Civil War on the encouragement of the Pope? Anybody remember that Gone With The Wind was about an Irish Catholic family?)

Racism isn't the only epithet in the PC arsenal to paralyze normal sane thought and action, but it is probably the main one. The reason we can't keep illegal aliens from crossing our southern border is that it's "racist" to object to it, and then they've perverted the meaning of the rule that anyone is American who is born in America to mean that any alien can have a baby here and be legitimized by that means, and the more children they have they more they outnumber the nativeborn citizens so that they can eventually displace us. Destructive insanity that is traceable back to Cultural Marxism, but pretty obviously to Roman Catholicism above all.

Perhaps the first manifesto against Political Correctness was The Origins of Political Correctness by William Lind.

Besides the article, you can hear him on the subject at You Tube, HERE as well. This presentation gives a complete history of the intellectual development of the concept in all its anti-American inspiration and ultimate success at destroying American culture.

Ben Carson is another one who has spoken out against Political Correctness as an evil ideology that threatens to destroy America, HERE, where his talk at the national prayer breakfast for Obama's second term inauguration is highlighted.

And here are some from Alex Jones:

19 Shocking Examples of How Political Correctness is Destroying America

And this kind of mind rot is why the west now has Ebola cases which could have been prevented if there was a normal intelligence running the show and preventing the movement of infected people from place to place until the disease is eradicated. You know, it's "racist" to cut off travel from infected Africa to the US. I pray God will have mercy and put the brakes on this insanity, but I don't have a lot of hope for it because it's His judgment on a sinful world, a world that has left Him behind and chosen an idiotic anti-morality to rule us. Of course it's the gradual decline into amorality, thanks to Political Correctness for starters, that has brought the west to this point where Political Correctness is even more virulent than ever. I'm afraid this is just part of the last days' nightmare that is coming on the Earth, and those who suffer the mind rot will just go on getting more rotten while the world collapses around them.

Come soon, Lord Jesus.