Thursday, November 3, 2016


As I said in the previous post I believe I've been seriously remiss in not doing the necessary research to take a stand on this election.  I've been playing ostrich I think, and allowing the loud objections to Trump's character flaws to influence me into silence, even though I've expected I'd eventually vote for him.  Now I'm finally coming out strongly in support of him, late in the game though it is.

My impression is that the conservatives and Christians who are determined not to vote for Trump are taking this position mostly because of his personality or character and less on the issues he represents.  I think there are sometimes good reasons not to vote for either candidate in an election but I don't think this is a good reason.  If both candidates are pro-choice I'd probably have to vote for somebody else or refrain from voting, depending on other factors that would have to be extremely powerful to override this issue.  It's about the issues in other words.  Trump has said some crude and obnoxious things during this campaign, and it's taken me a while to get my perspective sorted out because of this, but the bottom line for me is that he's spoken louder and clearer in favor of issues that conservatives support than any other candidate, and that's what has to count more than anything else about him.  In fact I think I've been falling into a political correctness mentality by reacting against him for his character flaws.   

I probably have an ideal candidate in the back of my head that's not completely realized and hasn't spoken out much yet, but I think I can say a few things about him:  a person who wants to see American sovereignty strengthened against the tide of globalism, who wants to reinstate America's role as ally to the worthy, as strong helper of the weak, the America that rebuilt the cities we bombed in WWII for instance, the America that has sent food and aid where needed, rather than an America that is at the command of foreign corrupt and anti-American nations that want to steal from us to give to the poor of their choice.  Someone who is determined to oppose the leftist encouragement of illegal immigration against our laws.  Somebody who supports our Christian heritage because it is what made us great and prosperous and a good influence in the world.  Who therefore seeks to protect that heritage from aliens who would undermine or threaten it, such as jihad-minded Muslims.  My candidate would also see the nation's Christian heritage as solidly Protestant and seek to protect that as well, which would take into account that there are many conservative Catholics in the nation who share roughly the same vision, but that the Roman institution as such is contrary to the vision, and is in fact one of the strongest influences in encouraging illegal immigration of Catholics, but also others that threaten the fundamentally Protestant nature of America.  This candidate could not support gay marriage because it violates the Bible, and now that it is instituted has become an agent of persecution against Christians and needs to be restrained.  My candidate would support Israel against the Palestinians, understanding the true history of that region as a neverending Islamic manipulation against Israel, which hardly anybody but some Christians understand to be the truth.  This candidate has to understand the importance of the role of the Supreme Court in restoring America, and prepare to choose strong conservatives to fill vacancies. 

I'd like to see a massive campaign to educate Americans on our true history as well, to counter the tide of Marxism that has been undermining the nation.  The right candidate could encourage this. 

That's just a few thoughts that come to me.  Trump isn't perfect on any of these issues, particularly he needs to be educated, but he does lean in the right direction and with good advisers could make the difference he wants to make in restoring America's former greatness. 

In any case it's about the issues and not about his personality, and on the issues he's stronger in the conservative and Christian direction than any other candidate we've had in a long time.  Not to vote for him would be a big mistake in my opinion.