Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jonathan Cahn and Dr. Ben Carson Two Powerful Voices For Christ Speaking Light Into Our National Darkness

I was worried about the inaugural prayer breakfast on January 21st where Jonathan Cahn was going to speak because of the strong ecumenical flavor of its organizers, but Cahn himself came through with a powerful message in the Name of Jesus Christ that pulled no punches.

I can only pray that the ecumenical spirit that dominates Washington D.C., that characterized the blasphemous prayer meeting in the National Cathedral convened by George W Bush after 9/11, and that is contained in the format of these prayer breakfasts, would be pulled down like so many altars to Baal, that the National Cathedral would be cleansed of all the trappings of the false gods that have been invoked there and that no prayer breakfast would ever again be convened in Washington except clearly in the Name of Christ. {But since that could include Catholics I have to say no to that too. Catholics do believe in Jesus Christ not the right way)

But I thank the Lord for Jonathan Cahn and his boldness in declaring Christ to the nation, and the desperate need for the nation to repent of our national sins, even calling the President himself to be true to the oath of office he takes on the Bible not to violate what God teaches there, .


And another powerful voice for the Lord is heard at the other inaugural prayer breakfast on February 5th, the official prayer breakfast at which President Obama was present, Dr. Benjamin Carson, another voice that doesn't pull punches, who like Jonathan Cahn challenges the strictures of political correctness against free speech, who even dared to raise concerns about some political issues critical of the President's policies. 

In answer to criticism for doing this Dr. Carson remarked in an interview by Sean Hannity that the President is not a King, he is a public servant, answerable to the people, and on another occasion he said that "Somebody has to stand up to the bullies."

THANK YOU LORD FOR BEN CARSON, please watch over him and protect him because he's out there on the front lines and that's dangerous.
Ben Carson speech at inaugural prayer breakfast.

Gifted Hands, The Ben Carson Story the full movie at You Tube.

You can also find Sean Hannity's full hour interview of Dr. Carson at You Tube, in three segments.

And here's the Wikipedia biography of Ben Carson

Of interest in this bio is his statement that he doesn't believe in evolution: 
Carson is a Seventh-day Adventist. In a debate with Richard Dawkins, Francis Collins, and Daniel Dennett, Carson stated he doesn't believe in evolution: "I don't believe in evolution...evolution says that because there are these similarities, even though we can't specifically connect them, it proves that this is what happened."[6]
Good man.  Yes, that's all they've got:  similarity from which they deduce but cannot prove genetic descent from one species to another. Lots and lots and lots of similarities, NO proof of genetic relatedness between species

Here's audio of the debate on evolution mentioned in the above article in which Dr. Carson participated.  There are various ways to hear it at this page.


Thank You Lord for raising up powerful voices in Your Name at this time. Both Jonathan Cahn and Ben Carson are true voices for Christ.