Monday, September 28, 2015

If another comes in his own name, him you will receive

John 5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
The "another" is understood by some to be the antichrist, the False Christ or any false Christ for that matter. This statement by Jesus came to mind during the Pope's time here in America over the last few days, as so many, even many who should have known better, welcomed him even adoringly. He arrived three hours before the Jewish Holy Day of Yom Kippur and left on the day of the last moon of the Blood Moon Tetrad that began last year, the first day of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. Some were anticipating or at least hoping this dramatic event in the heavenlies portended the coming of the Lord Jesus.   Of course it still could mean that, the Feast of Tabernacles has only begun and has a week to go. But the False Christ has dominated the media up to this point, hard not to associate him with the portents.

A perfect example of being condemned to repeat history when we forget it. Up until the beginning of the last century there was general knowledge that the Pope was no friend to America, or any Protestant nation, that the Vatican and especially the Jesuits had been working tirelessly since the Reformation to destroy Protestantism. It was even general knowledge that it was the Jesuits who engineered the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Try telling people that now and they think you are a way-out fringey conspiracy theorist. But that used to be common knowledge.

A couple of posts back I said I wished I could drop fliers on the Pope's adoring crowds to inform them of the truth about the Vatican and its anti-Americanism. I had lost track of one of my email accounts where I belatedly found out yesterday that something even better had been done in anticipation of the Pope's visit, from Paul Serup :
In anticipation of the pope of Rome coming and speaking to the U. S. Congress ..., three works have been hand delivered to every member of Congress, including the Senate .... The books are: a reprint of General Thomas M. Harris’ book, Rome’s Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, a Chick Tract comic entitled The Big Betrayal, (Charles Chiniquy’s story including Lincoln’s assassination), and [Paul Serup's] book, Who Killed Abraham Lincoln? (which Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site has favourably reviewed).

That means that any American can email, phone, mail any of their Representatives / Senators and ask them what they think of the pope coming to address Congress in light of the Vatican / Roman Catholic Church's hostility towards the United States and its democratic institutions, as shown in the books that they definitely have received at their congressional offices in Washington! They do have to give an answer to their constituents, do they not? This includes the Vatican’s recognition of the Confederacy, (the New York Times’ last word on the subject is an 1876 article entitled “How The Pope Recognized The Southern Confederacy – His Letter to Jeff Davis”), and in this sesquicentennial year of the Lincoln assassination, the evidence of Roman Catholic responsibility for Lincoln’s murder. There may be some very interesting answers coming back, which could be discussed on such a site as this.

As well, there is planned to be at least three full page ads taken out on consecutive Wednesdays in the Washington Times, the second largest newspaper in the nation’s capital, about the visit by this pope and disclosing that all elected federal representatives have received these books. The first ad has come out Wednesday. I will try to post a copy on my website,, a copy could be posted on other sites too. I attach a copy to this email also. All this is being done and paid for mainly by Christians in the United States. The plan is to also send copies of these books to the President, Vice President and the members of the Supreme Court, which I believe has also been done!

I hope Americans will take the time to contact their members of Congress and ask why the leader of this organization / nation that has had such an anti-American history, is speaking to Congress, without ever addressing its anti-American history.
Hooray. Pray that these documents will be read and open some eyes to the truth.

Friday, September 18, 2015

America Sold Out to the Vatican Wolf

Had this news bit parked for a few days.  Maybe I'll get it up and running today.  The Pope is coming, the Pope is coming.  Wish SOMEBODY in high places knew what an offense this is to a free nation to allow this wolf, this antichrist, to speak in our Congress.  Oh but the Great Delusion is upon us.  We're just part of the Holy Roman Empire now aren't we?  He's got his men telling Obama what to do, and forming policy all over the nation.  Whatever happened to Separation of Church and State?  But we Protestants have been asleep to it all for at least a century. 

GOP Candidates to attend Pope's speech to Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) — To some Republican presidential candidates, it's better to be with the popular pope than against him.

Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have deep policy differences with Pope Francis, but the senators will break off campaign travel to attend his address to Congress later this month, a centerpiece of his eagerly anticipated visit to the United States.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a devout Catholic, will attend Mass with Francis in Washington. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, another Catholic candidate, plans to attend one of the pope's East Coast events.

"Regardless of what the pope says or emphasizes, the simple fact of being associated with his visit is still significant for a candidate," said David Campbell, a professor at the University of Notre Dame who studies religion and politics. "The images are very powerful."

Yeah, well, Romanism has always been big on images ya know.  But of course we get a Catholic professor at Catholic Notre Dame ("Our Lady") quoted on this?  He's probably right of course, even a Protestant candidate isn't going to disassociate from the wannabe Holy Roman Emperor during an election season.  Should I say it again:  Church and State, Church and State, whatever happened to Separation of Church and State?

Francis has become one of the world's most popular figures since his 2013 election to the papacy, drawing praise for his humility and efforts to refocus the church on the poor and needy. He also has become involved in numerous hot-button political issues, often staking out positions that put him at odds with Republicans.

The guy is Left as Left can be.

(And by the way, there have been lots of Jesuits involved in socialist and Marxist events. Stealthily of course. Even Marx and Stalin had Jesuit teachers. More on this when I can get to it.)

The pope supports the Iran nuclear deal, which many GOP candidates pledge to tear up if they are elected president. As Republicans debate the place of immigrants in the U.S., the pope has urged countries to welcome those seeking refuge and has decried the "inhuman" conditions facing people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.


WHAT A HYPOCRITE.  He himself took a Syrian refugee family into the Vatican, awwwww, SUCH a nice guy.  These are Muslims who want to kill Europeans and Americans, but we can be sure Papa is safe while he sets such a compassionate example for all us sheep on inviting wolves in to dine with us. 

The RCC is the main mover behind our problem with illegal aliens from Mexico, and "compassion" is the emotional battering ram they use to accomplish their will, slandering those who object with terms designed to destroy our reputations, such as uncompassionate, racists, bigots and haters, all the PC "arguments" that have "Jesuit" written all over them.   All attempts to do anything meaningful about the border problem seem to be paralyzed, --well, who wants to be subjected to that sort of character assassination? --- and dare one suggest the whole situation goes back to all the CATHOLICS in the government, hey?  Why?  Because these are predominantly Catholics coming over the border.  Duh.  HEY CATHOLICS, think about it, do you really want to put this anti-American Pope above your American commitments?  I don't know, but I think many probably don't.  SO SPEAK UP ALREADY.


Francis was also instrumental in secret talks to restore diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, a rapprochement the GOP views as a premature reward for the island's repressive government.

In a heated primary where any break from party orthodoxy is a political risk, Republican candidates have stepped gingerly around their differences with Francis.

What business does this foreign anti-American antichrist  have in "secret talks" about our political situation, hey?   SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE?  

Cuban Catholics are not happy with this manipulation by the Pope either:  I AM A CATHOLIC WITHOUT A POPE  --LOUDER, GUYS, LOUDER!

When Francis issued an encyclical this year calling for aggressive international action to combat climate change, most Republicans made clear they had no problem with pope taking a position on the matter. But they suggested his stance would have little influence on their own views.

"He is a moral authority and as a moral authority is reminding us of our obligation to be good caretakers of the planet," Rubio, a practicing Catholic, said at the time. "I'm a political leader and my job as a policymaker is to act in the common good."

Moral authority, ha! He's already trying to undo what's left of anything in the RCC that has anything to do with Christian truth, he's the head of an institution that tries to protect their own doctrine-created child molesters from legal action.   This is the "man of sin" scripture identifies.  This is no moral authority, and again what right does he have to say anything at all about political issues?  Yes, at least everybody is keeping their independence, and I get why it seems necessary to step gingerly around all this, but call it like it is, in the end it's COWARDICE.  Nonaction, nonprotest, just lets the wolf have his way. Meek as doves is a good thing, but crafty as serpents seems to be lacking here.

It goes on but this is no doubt more than enough.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Protestantism Derailed, America Betrayed: Why the Pope Should Feel Right at Home Here

The Pope is about to open his antichrist mouth in America, about to display his antichrist power in America, against our best interests, in favor of the new world order, in favor of policies that undermine true Christianity, that favor disintegration and chaos.  I've been finding it hard to keep my thoughts organized lately, succumbing to sleepiness, fogginess, difficulty concentrating, losing my train of thought.  Spiritual oppression?  I've wondered.  I've been trying to read up on the history of the Roman Catholic Church, wanting to muster evidence that might convince others that this is our enemy, nothing else, just this, just Romanism, the Vatican, the Pope, their Jesuit army.  All our battles, all evils, spring from this antichrist source.  Too much you say?  Far-fetched?  I would once have thought so too.  I mean, if you're going to go with conspiracies, there's Freemasonry, and the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, even the Skull and Bones Society, and all the other secretive organizations that always get named.  Is it possible they're all just arms of the RCC?

Where is the American Protestant voice?  Where's our Ian Paisley who would stand up in Congress and denounce the Pope as Antichrist?  Paisley objected that the European Parliament, of which he was a member, had invited the Pope to speak without putting it to a vote.  Did Congress get a vote on this upcoming visit by this Pope?  Was there even a ripple of objection to the invitation?  Those among the Republican candidates who are at least nominally Protestant aren't doing any protesting.  They are going to go hear the Pope, going to be polite, disagree of course but politely.  Trump has been sounding off about illegal immigration and so far drawn some Catholic reaction, from the archbishop of my last post, then from Catholic Joe Biden who called it "xenophobia."  Think about such terms that are used against people who care about the rule of law:  we're xenophobics, we're homophobics if the law is God's ordinance defining marriage as between a man and a woman.  The method of attack is truly Jesuitical, ad hominems designed to poison the well and discredit the opposition with character smears, promote emotional reactions and destroy reasoned argument.  See how far you get presenting your well-thought-out case against gay marriage or illegal immigration, when the opposition's whole argument is that you are a "hater" and a "bigot."   Saying anything against the Roman Church also gets those epithets thrown at you:  Catholic hater.  According to JA Wylie's History of Protestantism, slander, or calumny, is historically one of the tools of the Jesuits against Protestants.  It seems to have worked its way into Political Correctness and the left in general. 

The media too have been practicing their usual subliminal partisanship, portraying the Republican candidates in muted tones of ridicule. 

Who is running this country really?  Are you aware of the evidence that it is the Roman Catholic Church?  Are you aware of how many Catholics there are in American government and have been for decades, shaping policy?   The vast majority of Catholics probably have no clue that they are tools of the Vatican against a free America.  There are lots of conservative Catholics who object to some of the policies of this Pope for instance.  But Vatican II told all good Catholics to exert themselves for the promotion of the Church and how can that be a bad thing? 

I started trying to get some of this across with the post "Waking Up Among Wolves."  And I didn't know as much then as I know now about just how vast this wolf pack is.  There is no escape.  And those who should be protesting don't see the wolves for the sheep's clothing.

If I had the resources, wish wish wish, I'd print out as much evidenced information as I could muster to try to convince Protestants and Catholics both of these realities and air-drop them as fliers on the crowds that will be assembling for the Pope's visit.  Not sure where to drop them for the Protestants, maybe have to fly from church to church.  But I can't even muster an evidenced blog post on the subject, just this rambling that even sounds somewhat demented to me.

Some people who are into end times prophecies ask Where is America in the Biblical scenario about the Revived Roman Empire that is to rise up in the last days?   Blink.  Guess what, America has been an arm of the Revived Roman Empire since its founding.   But back up a bit:  where is the Revived Roman Empire at all?  Isn't it just getting some pieces together in the EU, still quite a ways from full development? 


Oh how we have lost our Protestant legacy, lost the voices who could have been keeping us awake and alert to the stealthy workings of evil in this world all along.  The Reformers knew it:  the Revived Roman Empire is the RCC itself and the Antichrist is the PAPACY.  They made the arguments from scripture, they proved it.  But a crafty Jesuit taught us to forget about the proofs that the Pope is Antichrist by interpreting the relevant scriptures as all in the future, and the Protestants have bought it.  (The Jesuits also invented Preterism by the way, for the same reason, to get the Pope off the hook). Even those who have done a lot to expose the errors of Rome have missed the big picture.  They subscribe to futurism while describing the doctrinal errors as if doctrine is our only problem with the RCC, as if it isn't a threat to the entire world with its ambition to put the Pope in the seat of power over the world.  Yeah yeah yeah, ridiculous, right? If anything the RCC has been losing power. Yeah yeah yeah. Well, if I can I'll try to bring out the reasons that's a delusion. So anyway, we've had our eyes forward and haven't been noticing that it's been around for centuries, gradually working out its antichrist mission.

It received a near-deadly wound from the Reformation.  Even John Dowling who wrote a very informative tome on the History of Romanism in 1845 thought the Roman Church could never recover.  But doesn't scripture tell us it recovers?  And if Dowling were living today he might see the recovery gathering steam behind the scenes. 

Romanism, the Roman Church:  I've been using the term for some time because it's necessary to counter its pretensions to being Christian.  It has some Christian stuff tacked on, even enough for some Catholics to have a genuinely Christian outlook, but it's staggering how the institution as a whole has taken over the trappings and thought of the Roman Empire. There's so much more to the term than just that the RCC grew from the Bishop of Rome in the early centuries.  Dowling's History of Romanism chronicles how the RCC early on took over one after another pagan practice into its rituals, such as lighted candles during the day, holy water, incense, and how the statues of roman gods got renamed for Christian saints and installed in their churches.   Awareness of their use of statues doesn't make you aware of their origin from the Roman gods and that derivation was rather startling to me, for one.  Such concepts as The Immaculate Conception as Romanism came to apply it to Mary the mother of Jesus, originated with a Roman goddess.

Why is that obelisk in the piazza of St. Peter's basilica in Rome the Roman Emperor Caligula's obelisk?   What does a Roman Caesar have to do with Christianity?   Then go on to ask why our Capitol building looks like St. Peter's basilica and why Washington's monument looks like the obelisk of Caligula? 

There's plenty more to say to show the essential Roman character of the Roman church, but might as well go on at this point to America.  Besides the architecture just mentioned, why is there a statue of the Roman goddess Persephone at the top of the Capitol dome, renamed "Freedom?"  And why does she look east toward Rome?    And why is there a painting in the interior of that same dome called The Apotheosis of Washington depicting him among the gods and goddesses of Rome?  And why are the portraits of two Popes in that building?  And by the way, the very concept of a "Capitol" originated as the temple of the Roman god Jupiter.   What does any of this have to do with America?

Francis should feel right at home addressing Congress.

Does anybody care?

More later, God willing.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Roman Catholic undermining of American Politics

Among the many reasons I would not vote for Jeb Bush is the fact that he bowed to the Pope. So did his brother, and so did Obama. Probably other misguided American politicians too. It ought to be a showstopper for any candidate in the minds of Protestants.

I also consider it a vote in Donald Trump's favor (though not necessarily a vote for him for President) that the Archbishop of Philadelphia criticized his stand on illegal immigration.

"Plays on our worst fears" he says. I'm sure they aren't HIS worst fears since the more Catholics they can get into the country by any means whatever, and illegal is just fine with them, the happier they are.  The whole illegal immigration problem has been engineered by the Catholic Church from the beginning.

There was never any birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, it's always been an opportunistic misinterpretation of the law. It's absurd to think people could come here illegally and their children automatically have citizenship. And who invented this travesty? Some Catholic leader, or leaders, no doubt, since the whole problem of illegal immigration has been created by Catholicism. Read the article. It's no doubt going to be a topic addressed by the Pope, whose presence is going to grace Congress this month. All playing on the lowest of emotional arguments. Sad to think it probably sways Catholics, but unfortunately Protestants aren't immune to it either, and certainly not atheists.