Sunday, March 30, 2014

A movie that destroys the meaning of the Biblical Noah

UPDATE April 3: There are things about the movie I'd like to see, as shown in the trailers, mostly the special effects. It looks like they may have done a good job with the design of the ark for instance, and the rain and things like that. But those things are incidental and overall I really do have to conclude that it's such an anti-Biblical anti-God project that I shouldn't support it by paying to see it. Even when I heard Olasky and Cal Thomas favoring it I felt their discernment is faulty, but there are others in favor as well so it seems right to give them a hearing -- if I had the motivation which right now I don't, I'm preoccupied elsewhere. For now I go with the critics.

Here's a page from Eric Barger's ministry. Here's one of the main ones that Barger and others have recommended on the subject: Pastor Joe Schimmel

UPDATE April 2: Maybe I should try to see this film. There are strong Christian opinions both for and against it. Cal Thomas and Marvin Olasky have positive things to say about it for instance.  Maybe I'll be able to say more later.   

========Earlier post:

I can't really blog on the movie "Noah" because I haven't seen it and don't expect to, but from everything I've heard it's a horrible travesty that Christians shouldn't support by paying to see it, and I should at least pass on that information. 

Apparently its main message is that God wiped out humanity because we were abusing the environment, making it basically the Green Agenda projected onto the Biblical story.  Animals are good, human beings are bad.  "Noah" thinks God really wanted to save only the animals, and wants ALL people dead including himself and his family.  So after they are in the ark it sounds like he becomes a version of the father in The Shining, terrorizing the family as he thinks he's supposed to kill them, or at least the grandchild his daughter-in-law is soon to deliver.  He can't go through with it in the end, but the impression that gives is that God is evil and "Noah" at least has a spark of humanity left in him. 

So there isn't even a pretense of telling the actual Biblical story, in which Noah is a foreshadowing of Christ, chosen by God because of his faith, to save a few out of a desperately sinful humanity.

What's really distressing is to think some Christian ministries have recommended this mangling of the Biblical message.  According to some reviewers it doesn't even have the mitigating factors of being well done with a good script and exciting story, as characterized Braveheart and Gladiator,  movies the advertisements falsely compare it with.

It's no surprise that the Pope gave it his blessing of course, since he's not interested in Biblical truth.

Chris Pinto did a lengthy radio show review of it HERE