Monday, April 21, 2014

UnChristian "Christian" movies

Lots of movies out recently that are supposedly "Christian" in orientation. Yahoo has a story on this Faith-Based Wave that comprises four recent productions. 

They made a movie out of "Heaven Is For Real" about the boy who supposedly went to heaven during a near-death experience, which has been the subject of many of my own posts here and an amazing number of reader comments on those posts.  Apparently it did well at the box office, which isn't really a surprise since the book has been popular and the majority of the comments I've been getting strenuously object to my criticism that it's unbiblical.    From the trailer at that link I get the impression that the movie is well done, with good acting, and true to the book. 

Then of course there's "Noah" which managed to pervert the Biblical story into a sci-fi horror flick that makes God and Noah into monsters, though Noah gets humanized in the end. 

Then there is "Son of God," which is based on the TV series "The Bible" produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, of which I saw bits and pieces and gave up in disgust because it too rewrote the Bible, subtly reversing the Biblical meanings in some cases, removing the homosexual element from the story of Lot.

The only production out as part of this wave that apparently doesn't violate Biblical truth is "God's Not Dead," and I know many Christians have been enjoying it.  I don't get to movies so it will be a while before I see it if I do, but my impression is that it attempts to make a case for God that isn't primarily Bible-based, but one of those typical arguments about how a good God wouldn't let people suffer.  It doesn't seem to be appealing much to unbelievers anyway.

The culture just celebrated the usual paganized Easter, all of a piece with three of these movies celebrating a paganized "Christianity."

All in all what does this wave of "faith-based" films amount to?  Not much for true Christianity I'd say, more for the antichrists and Bible debunkers unfortunately.  It's a religious but not Christian wave that will no doubt fit in well with the apostate World Religion that is forming behind the scenes, which may emerge in the near future headed by the forces of the final Antichrist.