Monday, November 3, 2008

Can the Leopard Change His Spots?

Jeremiah 13:23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

So the leopardskin imagery does fit in after all. The leopard symbolizes Nimrod the Ethiopian, who symbolizes Babel, the city he founded, so that wherever the leopard is used symbolically in scripture it points to Nimrod, now as a representative of the Antichrist to come.

Somebody (no author is identified) put together a website that tries to connect all the dots, and it's interesting enough to think about:

Page One, Are They Digging Up Nimrod? Page Two, Are They Digging Up Nimrod?:

The tomb of Nimrod is not known as Nimrod's tomb, but is knwn as the tomb of Osiris.. . The special thing about Osiris was he was represented in Egypt as being both the son and husband of his mother. It is also known that Nimrod is the son and husband of his mother. Nimrod had a son named Ninus which was known as a resurrection of Nimrod. Ninus also married his own mother. So both Osiris and Nimrod are known as being both the son and husband of their mother. . . . Nimrod means literally "The subduer of the leopard." . . . Osiris was also represented by leopards becuase he was always arrayed in leopard's skins. So both Osiris and Nimrod were known for leopards and hunting. . . .Also for Osiris it was an Egyptian tradition that "Osiris was black." Egyptians were already dark skinned so for this to be mentioned meant he was much more darker than the ordinary dark skin. At Thebes in one of the tombs of the kings there is a drawing of Osiris which shows his face and hands as being jet black.

This site has some pictures of the wall paintings in Tutankhamen's Burial chamber at Thebes with Osiris shown as very dark-skinned as said above (Osiris is the one on the left):

Here's another picture, from the BBC, showing Osiris with blue skin, apparently a convention for black skin in Egypt just as it is with depictions of the Indian Krishna:

So both Osiris and Nimrod would have to be extremely dark skinned.

Overall it can be concluded since Osiris and Nimord were both from the same time and are both known for the same things they must both be the same person! So the archaeologists digging up Osiris are digging up Nimod, and the Egyptian stories about Osiris are about Nimrod!

Page Three, Are They Digging Up Nimrod?

. . . in the Bible it says the coming of the Son of Man would be like in the days of Noah.

God saved Noah and his family before the flood just like how He will save Christians before the tribulation. Now after he saved Noah, man became corrupted again with one of its main leaders being Nimrod. This is just like how in the tribulation the antichrist will lead man in corruption. . . .

. . .Overall Nimrod is represented as a leopard three times in the bible and the leopard is symbolized as the antichrist also. . . .The antichrist also dies in the middle of the tribulation, but is brought back by the False Prophet in Revelation 13.

Also Nimrod was the king of Babylon in his time. In Revelation 18:21 it says: "Then a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea saying, So will Babylon the great city be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer." . . .Babylon is suppose to represent the false religious system headed by the Antichirst.

Since he comes at all this from a different direction than I do I find this confirming, and there are some other things to think about in it too.

Hislop connects all the Nimrod-originated religions with the Roman Church, however.

Some more about Black Buddhas and Maitreya

Well, I guess I didn't have to knock myself out proving that the Maitreya Buddha is black. Here's a site about Black Buddhas :

It was the opinion of Sir William Jones, that a great nation of Blacks* formerly possessed the dominion of Asia, and held the seat of empire at Sidon. These must have been the people called by Mr. Maurice Cushites or Cuthites, described in Genesis; and the opinion that they were Blacks is corroborated by the translators of the Pentateuch, called the Seventy, constantly rendering the word Cush by Ethiopia.

The religion of Buddha, of India, is well known to have been very ancient. In the most ancient temples scattered throughout Asia, where his worship is yet continued, he is found black as jet, with the flat face, thick lips, and curly hair of the Negro. Several statues of him may be met with the East-India Company. There are two exemplars of him brooding on the face of the deep, upon a coiled serpent. To what time are we to allot this Negro ? He will be proved to have been prior to Cristna. He must have been prior to or contemporaneous with the black empire, supposed by Sir William Jones to have flourished at Sidon.

The religion of this Negro God is found, by the ruins of his temples and other circumstances, to have been spread over an immense extent of country, even to the remotest parts of Britain, and to have been professed by devotees inconceivably numerous. …

Mr. Wilsford, in his treatise on Egypt and the Nile, in the Asiatic Researches, informs us, that many very ancient statues of the God Buddha in India have crisp, curly hair, with flat noses and thick lips; and adds,

"nor can it be reasonably doubted, that a race of Negroes formerly had power and pre-eminence in India."

In my Essay on The Celtic Druids, I have shown, that a great nation called Celtæ, of whom the Druids were the priests, spread themselves almost over the whole earth, and are to be traced in their rude gigantic monuments from India to the extremities of Britain. Who these can have been but the early individuals of the black nation of whom we have been treating I know not, and in this opinion I am not singular. -
Godfrey Higgins.

Of course some of this may be Black History run amok, but much of it seems to be valid. The facial features on the Buddhas at the site are clearly African rather than Asian as the Buddhas I posted yesterday were. AND he makes no mention of Hislop although his research strikingly confirms Hislop's basic idea.

By the way, this same Black Buddha site also points out the wearing of leopard skins by the priests of African and Egyptian religion. Scroll down the page for a series of pictures showing this. Hislop also made much of the leopardskin as an emblem of these priesthoods as well as of Nimrod himself, whose name means "subduer of the leopard". (By the way, at this link, page 3, is a discussion connecting Nimrod with the Antichrist). I had also done a little research into the leopardskin priesthood myself and found it alive and well in Africa, but I couldn't think how it fits into my context here so I've not mentioned it. Since it was brought up in the context of the Black Buddha at least it is another validation of Hislop's study I'd like to mention, since nobody seems to want to give Hislop any credit for making these connections. The Black Buddha site also doesn't mention Nimrod as such, though it traces it all back to Cush or Ethiopia and a huge empire that spread out from Sidon, rather than Babylonia. We need Hislop to make the connection with Nimrod and with Babylonia.

But I also want to post another Maitreya picture, from a monastery in Thikse, Ladakh, a little country west of Tibet and north of India. What particularly interests me about this Maitreya is the red palm of its hand, and the reason that interests me is that the hands of some of the black Krishna images are also red, while they are not red on lighter-skinned gods and goddesses, suggesting that the redness is conventional for depicting a black god or enlightened one. Since the statue is bronze the skin tone isn't portrayed (but I did find a bronze Maitreya where the face seemed to be darkened by some means or other. The image is so huge I can't post it here but maybe I'll go back and see if I can find a way to link to it at least).

I don't know any of this for sure of course, and I'm still not entirely sure what its importance is, except that of course it is fascinating to track down previously unrecognized connections and to find Alexander Hislop's study apparently borne out in these discoveries.

I did Google for information about the red palm but nothing came up. I find it suggestive nevertheless, and as I say above there is not really much need to keep trying to prove the African identity of the Buddhas after seeing that site anyway.

Here's the Thiksey Maitreya showing just the fingertips of the red palm of the right hand.

The figures on the headdress are also interesting. According to something I read yesterday that I now can't locate (such a great researcher I am), they represent deities, and each has its own skin color.

For comparison, the black Krishna with the red palms:

And for reference, a page of Maitreya information and images:

Am I wrong to be happy seeing this coming?

I want to chronicle here an unexpected reaction I'm having to the end times information I've been posting about and reading about. As I reported some time back, I'm occasionally hit with a wave of fear when the reality of these things comes through to me with force. I suppose I'm not alone in this. No matter how committed a Christian is, we must occasionally succumb to such feelings. But that is just a good reason to seek the Lord in more earnest and He will lift us out of it. Prayer and immersion in the Word take away the fear. It helps to pray particularly for the perfect love that casts out fear.

But the unexpected reaction I want to report on is an almost giddy feeling of happiness that the end times are really upon us. Now, you must understand that this excitement is not coming with any apprehension of anybody's suffering as a result of what's coming -- as soon as I'm aware of that aspect of things I sober up fast. But just the apprehension that it really is upon us, that a whole body of Biblical prophecy really is beginning to come to fulfillment, that the truth of the Word is coming alive in our time, that the Lord Himself is going to come soon, gives me a feeling of elation that's hard to describe, a sensation of giddy joy bubbling through me.

It happens when the outrageous lying and cheating and corruption going on in this election is made apparent. Now, I need to make clear here that for weeks now the more I've seen of this the sadder it's made me. I've probably cried more in the last few weeks and months than ever before because of the way the world is going and the way this country is going. But just a couple of times recently I've had this elated feeling instead.

It just happened to me after seeing a video showing how Barack Obama's candidacy for President has been planned and staged for years, through decades-long associations with the Weather Underground people and Muslim supporters for instance, and how the usual necessary information about a candidate is in his case severely suppressed (how, with bribes?). His candidacy has been many years in the making, though it seems to us that he just came out of the blue. Fulfillment of the prophecy of the little horn that just pushes its way up from nowhere to dominate the field? The thought makes me giddy. It COULD I suppose give me fear but it makes me giddy instead. (Whether this becomes reality or not doesn't matter; the thought itself makes me giddy).

It's brief, a momentary wonderment and excitement, but I think it's a good thing overall. I'm typically far from what they call a Sanguine type, really a Melancholy, to use those overworked categories, so the terrible things that must happen will probably keep me from bubbling over much as events progress, but I'm glad I can be glad at a time like this, at a time of merely contemplating the unfolding of the Lord's grand finale, horrific though it is going to be, for me no doubt along with everybody else. (What makes me saddest when I do sober up is the family and friends who are not saved, who are believing the lie. THAT can make me VERY sad.)

The last days will be the opportunity for the unfettering of the human spirit, the "flesh," to its expansive maximum, in its aim to rule the world and deny God. It's going to be an all-out demonstration of whatever is in fallen human nature, what it considers its goodness but in reality is its depths of evil, but in the end the goodness and glory of the Lord will show it for what it is. I almost feel giddy enough to say "Pass the popcorn" but I know I need to sober up. For one thing, this isn't going to be a spectator event. But we should have joy through it anyway, if not giddy excitement (but I wouldn't mind having giddy excitement through it all, if possible).

I hope that God's people will become very strong in these last days, that we will cast off everything we have let hinder us, every bit of worldly baggage that has a hold on us, and throw ourselves completely into dependence on the Lord in trust and obedience. Strength in prayer, strength in obedience.

Come soon, Lord Jesus.