Saturday, November 17, 2012

Judgment abides on the American Church because of the Church's compromises. It's the Church that needs to repent.

Chris Pinto had a good radio show, well two shows Thursday and Friday, and I got a needed reminder from him how the election is God's judgment, on the nation yes, but first of all on the church.  This is a recognition I sometimes have clearly in mind myself but then lose for a while.  Why not talk about the merely political side of it occsaionally?  Well, that's OK, but not when I leave out the overarching picture of God's judgment.  He's sovereign, He's in charge of the election as well as everything else, it doesn't matter how Obama got into office from a human or political point of view, he got into office because God allowed him to be in office.  Nothing but nothing happens without God's willing it.

He also made the point that it isn't just a matter of abandoning God's law, important as that is, but that we've abandoned the gospel itself and that means the CHURCH has abandoned the gospel.  He referred to a recent article by Brannon Howse, which I haven't read, about the compromises true Christians have been making by joining with nonChristians for the sake of political conservatism.  That's a denial of the gospel of Christ, it's a denial of Christ Himself.  Glenn Beck is not a Christian, his beliefs are in fact what scripture calls antichrist, scripture warns us we must not have anything to do with such a person or we share in his sin.  Yet apparently true Christians, or we've assumed they are, such as David Barton, are receiving him as if he were a true Christion.  This is a denial of Christ, and if Barton doesn't soon see it and repent of it he'll only destroy his own spiritual life if he really is a Christian. 

We ought all to know that when Joel Osteen says he thinks Glenn Beck or that Mormons in general are really Christians he's compromising the gospel too, he's denying the gospel of Christ, he's speaking in the spirit of antichrist.  Are there Christians in Joel Osteen's church?  I don't know, but if there are they need to leave so as not to come under his condemnation.

Then there's that question of appearing on a program such as Beck's or at a prayer rally that includes apostates such as the one Rick Perry held a few years ago that I wrote about here, or Glenn Beck's, or a conference with the leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation who hold apostate views, whether that also compromises the gospel.  There is no doubt that Christians cannot, must not, pray with apostates and unbelievers.  That I have no doubt about.  We must not pray with Mormons or NAR members or with Catholics either.  This principle is violated all the time in many ways among conservatives who want to see the nation returned to God, including many I know to be true Christians. 

As for merely appearing on a program where you might be inadvertently giving public support to the unbelieving host, such as Glenn Beck, I've gone back and forth on this one.  I think there must be some borderline cases, or certainly cases where it is done innocently where the person does not come under condemnation, but I'm coming back to the position that this is something that only feeds the lies of Satan and should be shunned.  And I'm now including those time honored Fox shows like Hannity and O Reilly and whoever else there is Catholic, which is a lot of them, IF your message is a Christian message.  If it's just politics there's less of a problem although I even wonder about that these days.  Yes, think about it, they're Catholics and no matter how good their conservative politics by bringing a Christian message through them you are treating them as Christians WHICH THEY ARE NOT. 

I'm glad I finally got this cleared up in my own mind, I've been suffering from some confusion and oppression about these things for some time. 

So I have to step on some toes of people I happen to like and think are true Christians. 

There are bloggers who are true Christians who "host" many friends who come to comment, who are Catholics, Jews, Mormons, even one who out and out denies the deity of Christ, even treating them as Christian, even defending them against true Christians who try to tell them truth.  The reasoning is that you must be nice to everbody, they hold siolid conservative beliefs, and if you're nice to them they may come around to true Christianity because you're being a proper representative of Christ.  And occasionally the gospel may be given in rather mild terms.  Well, niceness has some place of course, but compromising the gospel for the sake of niceness is denying the Lord yourself.

And it's inviting judgment on America.  the very judgment conservatives are working so hard to push back, by all the wrong methods, methods that only invite more judgment.

Michele Bachmann was very wrong to appear with the apostate group the NAR.  I have no reason to doubt that she's a true Christian but she too needs to separate herself from those who aren't if she wants God to work through her.

Jonathan Cahn is wrong to appear on Glenn Beck, on Sid Roth, on any platform where women pastors are accepted, on any platform that recognizes NAR members, and his doing so can only defeat the very purpose for which he's doing it, to promote his book which he believes is a message from God.  Yes, I've come to believe that is the case.  I do not see the problems with the book itself that his critics claim to discover in it, I see all that as an expression of their own bad Dispensationalist theology (which I believe they need to repent of and apologize for), but I do agree with them to the extent that Cahn is compromising the gospel by his appearances on some public media and in some false church contexts, certainly Benny Hinn's show, Roth's, possibly also Jim Bakker's but I don't know enough about Bakker's current theology to be sure in that case.

Jonathan says he is doing it to get the message of his book to as many people as possible, and he believes the message to have come from God.  But if it is from God then God must get it to the public, and Cahn knows that sometimes, forgets it at others.  Accepting invitations to publicize the book in venues that promote a compromised or blasphemous version of the gospel is a decision made by the flesh.  The only way the message COULD get out in the power he hopes for it is if he gives it completely over to God and steps out of the picture as far as his own decision-making goes.

The one thing that is absolutely necessary if we want God to withhold judgment on the nation, if we want revival, is holiness, that is, separateness from the world and especially separateness from anybody who represents a false belief in God, and it is this one thing that Christians are compromising at an astounding rate these days.  \

Whatever we do in the flesh is going to come back to us in the flesh.  If we promote revival in the flesh we may get revival in the flesh and what would that be but a work of the devil?  We can even get a phony repentance of the flesh.  If we want a true move of God Himself, our job is to DIE TO OURSELVES and to all the work we think we're doing for God and to all our aims, hopes, ambitions and whatnot, and lay ourselves at His feet to wait on Him and Him only.  THEN He may do what we are hoping He will do.  He may not, but He's ceertianly not going to do it as long as we're depending on "the arm of flesh" and compromising with His enemies.

Yes, HIS ENEMIES.  Catholics are His enemies, sorry to say but it's so, they have to come out from under that antichrist church if they believe even vaguely in the true gospel, and Mormons are even more obviously His enemies because they don't even have a shred of right understanding of the true Christ, which at least the Catholics do.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me.  This is what we are compromising.

Again,the nation is being judged by God BECAUSE of all these compromises among His people these days.

Do we want revival, do we want the true repentance that Cahn's book promotes?  Then we have to be ABOLUTELY uncompromising in our separateness from the world and especially from false Christians.

Holiness COSTS.  Many relationships have to go.

Oh if we would do that, cut ourselves free from our compromising connections and methods, blessings would rain down on the Church and the nation, there is no doubt.