Friday, November 11, 2016

Post-election blues: Wrongheaded protests, and Will Trump renege on some of his promises?

How sad all these protests are.  Protesting the legitimately elected views of the other half of the population as if they have the right to take away our genuine victory.  Trump won despite some rigging of the election in some locations, too, which was reported on Infowars as it occurred.  It probably only accounted for tens of thousands in the end, maybe hundreds, perhaps thanks to the vigilance of those who were expecting it to occur and watching for it.  This was a genuine fair election of Trump.  The protestors are expressing an anti-American denial of free speech to their opponents, which fits with the fact that their numbers include open Communists.

What's sad is the brainwashing the Hillary supporters are laboring under.  The protestors are mostly kids.  They certainly didn't get their notions from years of experience and deep study;  they had to get it from propaganda in the universities.  They have no sense of history at all, they swallow whatever they've heard in the lecture hall, basically the whole Politically Correct pack of lies:  Trump is a racist, a xenophobe and so on . They fear a loss of rights that has been trumped up out of nothing.  Trump was actually supported by an LGBT group but they believe LGBT's are going to be threatened while walking down the street.  Where are they getting these lies?  (If anybody should worry because of Trump's views of LGBT, it could be us Christians, because it doesn't look to me like he's going to do anything to protect us against the gay marriage law that threatens to destroy Christian businesses.)

They buy the lie that preventing illegal immigration is about racism rather than a rational assessment of security risks, even overlooking that for starters illegality is illegality.  They buy the lie that a need to carefully check the background of Muslims who want to come into the country is racism.    Do they even know that there are millions of Christians among the Syrian refugees that we could accept because we know there is no danger from admitting them, but that we are being politically manipulated to accept only Muslims instead?  There is no racial issue here;  there is only reasonable concern for the nation's security.  But of course they don't know that because the propaganda is aimed at destroying America, there is no rational basis for any of it.

We need a massive education program in this country to counter the brainwashing in the universities.  ALL of us need it.  I've learned enough over the last decade or so to realize that I still need to know a lot more than I do. 

But besides all that I'm also now wondering and even worrying if Trump will remain the purist he seemed to be during the primaries.  Is he going to compromise now?  Is he going to accept RINOs into his administration?   I've heard some of Ron Paul's comments on the election and he warns about such eventualities.  He mentioned how Reagan didn't keep his promise to cut spending for instance, but that in fact spending increased in his administration even beyond the excesses of the Democrats.

But it was God who gave us the victory so far and it's God we have to keep appealing to if we want to ensure its continuing benefits.  In the Name of Jesus Christ.