Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pope Updates: Black cardinal candidate for next Pope, Benedict seeking to evade prosecution for abetting sex crimes against children

Black Cardinal Candidate for next Pope to Replace Benedict

Over four years ago I did a post that shows Pope Benedict's coat of arms which has the image of a black man's head in the upper left corner.  I pondered what that might mean, but it wasn't until his resignation that I became aware that there is a black African cardinal who is a popular candidate to become Pope in Benedict's place. 

His name is Peter Turkson, which does rather tie in with the "Peter the Roman" prophecy, but since I've been coming to think in terms of intentional human manipulation rather than simply satanic string-pulling behind the scenes, it occurs to me that if this cardinal does become Pope it's because it's been planned for a long time already and that's why the image is on Benedict's coat of arms.

It would be quite fitting if it turned out that the last Pope is a black man for many reasons, one of them being that, as I point out in that earlier post, Nimrod who was identifed by Alexander Hislop as the prototype of many of the pagan gods that are reflected in the papacy, was a black man.  This fact is in fact preserved in some of the images of the gods that represent him in other cultures, such as Krishna, whose name means "black" and who is represented as black in some statues, also by blue skin in paintings.  Statues of the Buddha also show him with kinky African type hair (and heavy earrings that pull his ears down, which is interesting because big earrings are also a feature of the head on Benedict's coat of arms), and in some cases, such as the Maitreya buddha who is Buddhism's own "messiah" predicted to come at the end, also shown as black skinned.  Now if the Imam Mahdi expected by Ahmadinejad should also have African features...

So back to Nimrod at the end?

This cardinal is a very nice-looking man, I'd rather not have to think of him as perpetuating the pagan evils of Rome.  I wish he'd repent instead.

Pope Benedict Seeking Immunity from Prosecution

Now in the news is the appeal of the Pope for immunity from prosecution for covering up sex crimes against children.  Apparently he's been told that if he stays within the Vatican after his resignation he'll be safe from prosecution but not otherwise.

If even only a small amount that is known about the evils perpetrated by the papacy were faced squarely you'd think any idea that this institution is related to Jesus Christ would just disintegrate, but sadly people continue to hold onto this delusion against all the evidence.

There are many sites that cover this story. Here's one saying the end of the Vatican could be near.   Well, it could be, but if it is then according to the most likely Biblical understanding so is the end of the world before the Lord returns also near.  That is, since the papacy is the Antichrist system identified down the centuries, the last thing it will most likely do is produce the final Antichrist, or the False Prophet to the Antichrist, and then the Lord will come back and destroy the whole pagan monstrosity.


Later: I'm actually going to link to Scott Johnson's most recent discussion of these things because on this subject I enjoy his emotional denunciations and think he's right both in spirit and in letter.  (Well I can only "enjoy" this information up to a point where I end up emotionally wrecked by the revelation of evil).  On other subjects he does, oh well, he is often over the top denouncing people who do not deserve to be denounced, he is ignorant of church history, and he really drives me crazy with his bad stuff because SOME of his stuff is good.  Anyway on this one I like what he does and I'll include his very thorough PDF file on the same subject as well.