Friday, September 28, 2012

New Criticism of The Harbinger: Douma Pt. 2

Usually I'm up for taking on the critics but this one makes me really really tired.  Maybe it's no worse than the others, maybe it's just my current frame of mind, but I listen to this stuff, I read the notes, and it's such a muddled mess both logically and theologically the task of hacking my way through it just makes me weary. 

And there's Brannon Howse saying if this one doesn't convince us there's something doctrinally, theologically and biblically wrong with The Harbinger that's some kind of final proof of our failure of discernment.  Deep deep Sigh.  Is there any hope of showing someone with that wrongheaded a perspective on all this that HE's the one with the discernment failure here?  And that thought makes me really really REALLY tired.

Well, where to start.  I think I'll start by saying that this whole excuse for a critique is so ABSTRACT it reminds me of a Marxist treatise.  Really.  Ever read one of those?  Never touches down to earth, just flies along about ten feet off the ground trailing paragraphs of Terminology, words that have no anchor in reality, just in Theory.  Very sophisticated-sounding Word Salad.  You don't dare ask what it MEANS because then you'll REALLY be lost.  Here we have a wonderful display of those words I called somewhere back a ways  "trigger words," that apparently awaken red-alert Suspiciousness in certain theological camps and launch virtual nuclear warheads of this earnestly "concerned" undecipherable gobbledygook.  

Oh I HOPE I'll be up to responding PROPERLY to this eventually.  I've got LOTS of notes.  I'll just publish this much anyway and add to it later.  Lord willing.