Monday, November 17, 2014

Congratulations to the Devil!

Gosh the devil is clever. I'm in awe. Take a law of God and criminalize it so that anyone who obeys it is a criminal. Man, that's clever. So by obeying God in refusing to validate gay marriage a person is now committing the crime of "discrimination," which is very interesting in itself since the whole idea of equality of treatment was originally Christian. But to accomplish this the devil has also redefined a class of people who are not a race or ethnic group but people who happen to share a sexual aberration, which God calls sin, turned them into a legitimate Minority Group which must be protected by law from "discrimination," and by such Word Magic has gained enough popular support to deprive Christians of their American rights and push us into a corner, which is what his aim was all along.

Let's see, he did the same thing centuries ago when he got the Bible outlawed. And before that he got the Romans to call us atheists for refusing to bow down to Caesar. Man did they persecute us then! But he obviously hadn't run out of tricks with those. Gosh this latest ploy is clever! Congratulations to the devil! I have to admit he's won, he's got us where he wants us. I wonder what he plans to do to us next.

Oh worry not.  God is still in charge and this sort of thing has a way of driving His people closer to Him which is the best possible thing that could happen. What the devil means for ill God always means for good and getting us detached from this world can only be a good thing.