Saturday, July 14, 2012

More of same: Harbinger

For some reason I'm not able to access Brannon Howse's Friday programs until the following Monday, so I won't be able to hear yesterday's either until Monday.

I've been hearing rumors, however, that he's continuing his sadly misguided attacks on the Harbinger and on those who defend the Harbinger.

This really IS sad. Obviously he's got himself convinced that he's on the righteous side of this, which gives him license to trash others in the name of "discernment." I would hope that such a misdirected sense of certainty could yet be challenged by the truth he's so far failed to recognize and his eyes be opened to the errors he's been making. I feel the same way about T A McMahon whose Berean Call I used to appreciate a great deal.

It's still a puzzle how these reputable ministries have put themselves in this position, with such a wrong sense of rightness. So odd:
  • If they tend to focus a lot on the NAR then they accuse The Harbinger of promoting false prophecy. Nothing anyone says to show how wrong they are budges them off their self-conceived position.
  • Same with those who are acutely alert to anything that seems like replacement theology -- they hallucinate replacement theology in The Harbinger.
  • Some have this bee in their bonnet about false hermeneutics -- really weird when we're talking about one single OT verse that is VERY easy to understand -- except for those who misread it of course, making it out to be a message of reassurance of rebuilding rather than a statement of defiance of God -- THAT's the bad hermeneutic, the one preached by Daschle and Edwards.
  • Then there are some who came out of a gnostic background -- they read gnosticism into The Harbinger. Kabbalah, Zohar.
Well, Jonathan Cahn has answered all this and so have I and so have others. But the critics seem to have their ears plugged.

Oh well. There's no such thing as a move of God without opposition. Too bad, it does take a toll, and it's sad to see otherwise reputable Christian leaders on the wrong side of this.

Wish I could access Howse's broadcast, but at least I'll get to hear it on Monday and can add to this then.

I'll finish with my usual refrain: What the critics have to address is the harbingers themselves, those amazingly uncanny occurrences IN REALITY, that are completely independent of all theologies, eschatologies and opinions. They are REAL.