Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Note on Recent Topics at my Woman's Head Covering Blog

Had some recent activity at my blog about the woman's head covering, Hidden Glory which hasn't been active for quite some time -- although of course I hope it gets read by some anyway.

My two most recent posts there are about how both R C Sproul and Daniel Wallace defend the head covering, but while Sproul continues to advocate it, which of course makes me very happy, Wallace has changed his mind.  He now joins with those who believe it was merely a cultural symbol of Paul's time that can be substituted with the appropriate symbol in other times and places.

I continue to believe that the head covering is one of the most important Bible teachings that Christians are misreading or ignoring to our peril or at least to the weakening of our Christian life.  I even think it may be a hidden reason for the ever-growing apostasy in the Church at large, as sin begets sin and when we fall away in one area we are more likely to fall away in others.  The head covering is unique among the ways the Church is stumbling in that it is not recognized as such at all, not taken seriously by the vast majority, treated as unimportant, that's what I mean about how it is a hidden contributor to the apostasy. 

While God has brought revival to churches that haven't honored this requirement, I rather think it might be an important element in any revival we could expect from now on, if revival is even a possibility in our current degenerate condition.