Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mealy mouthed "Christians" who keep the world in bondage to Satan

I've been unable to find the quote on the internet but I heard it on Christian radio yesterday and hope I got it right: Richard Stearns of World Vision announcing that "God didn't do this to Haiti," because God is merciful etc. etc. etc. It was quoted along with a report that even in the midst of the disaster people are praising God, worshiping and singing hymns.

Sure sounds nice and Christian, but what a sentimentalized bogus Christianity it is if it rests on a denial of God's sovereignty in judgment as well as blessing. What God is REALLY being worshipped here? What a bunch of carnal pollyannas so many Christians are.

Where's the salt and light in this mealymouthed sweet-talking devilish doctrine?

What sort of God wouldn't punish sin I want to know? What kind of "mercy" is it if there is no deserved punishment to be merciful ABOUT? What sort of God wouldn't finally have to punish a land as full of satanic voodooism as Haiti? A country where it's been said they are 80% Catholic but 100% voodoo or something like that. You can't mix voodoo and Christianity. Any percentage of voodoo whatever cancels out any Christian element (but let's face it, there's hardly anything Christian left in Roman Catholicism anyway, which is made only too clear where they endorse and tolerate such native devil religions as voodoo as they do in Haiti). And the evil in voodoo is so rotten and so deep that you can even see it in the young voodooists who are stealing the food given as aid to the suffering right out of the mouths of their own fellow Haitians. DISGUSTING. There's NOTHING Christian about that. That is worse than animal behavior.

Those Christians who are denying that God is sovereign over earthquakes and all other natural events, and that nothing happens that does not express something of His governance over this world -- absolutely nothing -- are some day going to have to answer for a weakened, even utterly useless, gospel message and a powerless church.

If there is no judgment from which we are to be saved, then there is no salvation worth the name. And what happens to "fear of God" which scripture so strongly declares to be the beginning of wisdom? We've lost any true Biblical wisdom. God help His people.

The Haitians need to be told in no uncertain terms that God IS judging Haiti for their witchcraft (at the top of what is no doubt a long list of other offenses) and that until that is denounced and given up they will never emerge as a viable society at all. Not to mention that individually their voodoo is taking them all to Hell. It is NOT mercy to tell them otherwise, to coddle them about how God wouldn't do such a thing to them. That in fact is to despise and condemn them to much more suffering, just as God tells us in the Book of Proverbs that to spare the rod is to hate your child. Satan himself tells them it's not their fault and keeps them in bondage to voodoo.


Here's a good discussion of the situation with emphasis on how AMERICA is already under judgment.