Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh The Blatant Hypocrisy of the Pope!

First he presents himself as a world authority with the right to tell nations what to do about climate change, of course proposing solutions that would punish the US in particular, that dastardly once-Protestant nation that the Antichrist papal system has been waiting forever to bring down. Well, he'll get to give his devil-wolf speech in Congress in September even and today's Americans haven't a clue.

Now he's telling us how the "great powers" did nothing to stop the Holocaust, conveniently forgetting that the Pope at the time actively encouraged it, that Hitler modeled the Final Solution on the Inquisition, and that the Pope was responsible for the "ratlines" that gave Nazi criminals a way to escape justice after the war. 

Sorry I've  been neglecting  my blogs recently,  I don't  know if  or  when I'll  get back to  them. There  is  some  source  material on this  subject at my Catholicism blog.  One book that covers it  all is Dave Hunt's A Woman Rides  the Beast

The Vatican RatLines are well known, see Wikipedia article.