Saturday, November 21, 2015

The futility of trying to save the west if God is judging us.

I still try to get across how political correctness is a false morality that is going to destroy the west, very probably the world for that matter by the looks of how things are going, but it seems minds are shut so tight against it the effort is futile.  Perhaps there are some who can hear it still, I hope so, but it's only too clear that an awful lot of people just can't hear it at all.  Try to get across that Islam is a dangerous ideology and you even get accused of being as bad as the Islamists, equating your effort to warn with blowing people up. 

This just has to be the Great Delusion of the last of the last days.  A couple of decades ago you'd encounter some of this craziness but now it seems to have captured most of the world. 

We don't hear much through the mainstream media about the threats to Europe from Islamic refugees. You have to go to, say, Infowars, to find out about, say, the epidemic of rapes in Sweden:

Continuing to warn about Islam probably is a lost cause. But warning about God's judgment through these things is still necessary because that's the reason for it all. It may be just as futile but if it led anyone to repent and turn to the true God that the west has rejected, that would be a great blessing. Saving Europe, or the US, is probably out of the question, but saving some human beings may still be possible. The world is soon most likely going to come under the rule of the Antichrist anyway.