Sunday, August 30, 2009

Conspiratorial cabal or not, America is in trouble

Here's a discussion of what the blogger calls a conspiracy theory, but it's not what I mean when I use the term. He calls it The Great Conspiracy but he's simply spelling out some anti-constitutional provisions that are now in place that could threaten American freedoms, and in fact threaten us all bodily, in the near future.

What I mean by conspiracy thinking is wild imaginations that suppose there is an all-powerful human cabal behind all such goings-on, without being able to muster facts in any convincing way to prove it.*

To my mind a governing body that thinks Marxism is a good idea is already as much of a danger to the world as any plotted conspiracy by high-level hidden movers and shakers, and our current administration is Marxist and Fascist both. Who needs the Illuminati?

*This is the point -- I'm hardly incapable of believing in conspiracies but the fact is that the evidence offered is really NOT convincing. They assume too much, they sling around unsupported accusations. The worst write complete word salad in which it's obvious they think they've been giving evidence but it just isn't there. Springmeier doesn't prove anything, he simply asserts it. Schnoebelen writes novelistically which makes it sound like fiction to begin with and detracts from any truth there may be in his reports. I don't know what to make of all this. We've got conspiracies galore these days, explaining the economic disaster, anticipating a murderous outbreak of flu, well, really the vaccinations against the flu, about well-known American public figures plotting against the well-being and even the lives of Americans, about UFOs and whatnot. There's actually better evidence that there is a government conspiracy to hide knowledge of UFOs from the public (they think they're ETs of course; I know they're demons) than there is for the rest of it. It's not in principle beyond the pale, but there is simply no convincing evidence.

How Obama = Hitler

Here's a discussion of what makes Obama's administration like Hitler's. (I can't seem to select out the particular post. It's the one for August 29th).