Saturday, February 11, 2017

We can't recover America's Greatness by oppressing Israel.

Uh oh.  Trump is telling Israel to cool it about building settlements on "Palestinian" land.  Sounds like the Islam lobby got to him.  Big mistake, capitulating to a lie.  There is no Palestinian land in that area, for starters, and there is no Palestinian people.  It's all a political invention.  The very idea of a "peace" in the Middle East is a big fat delusion.  The Muslim world has said in so many words they want Israel dead, they do not want peace.  They have refused every peace plan offered.  They draw their maps without a hint that Israel ever existed.  You can't negotiate a genuine peace and it's futile to keep trying.  To ask Israel to pull back on their settlements for the sake of an impossible peace is to betray Israel. 

Rather adds to my forebodings in the previous post.

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