Saturday, November 12, 2016

Have we already degenerated to a third world nation ruled by violence?

I'm  waiting for someone on the Left to denounce the protests.  Hillary?  Obama?  Anybody?  There have been incidents of whites being singled out and beaten for their support of Trump, a gang against a lone victim.  It's become dangerous in America to cast a vote for the candidate of your choice?  This is America? 

A large percentage of blacks and Hispanics also voted for Trump, but the propaganda -- RACIST propaganda by the way -- is aimed at whites.  A high school girl was attacked by a fellow student, a girl, race unknown, at least to me, for giving her opinion in favor of Trump on social media.  The assailant asked her if she hates Mexicans;  she said No;  the assailant then said You're for Trump, you hate Mexicans and hit her.  This is the insane logic that has been pumped into people's heads on the Left.  It's "hate speech" isn't it? 

Shouldn't those whose lying rhetoric has provoked this violence be prosecuted for it?

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