Friday, December 9, 2016

Deceiving America: Fake News

ot of us have known for a long time that the mainstream media are politically biased, that they whitewash their guys and their favorite political positions, and find all kinds of things wrong with their opponents.  They do it as if it's just factual news, including the occasional fact contrary to their opinion for effect.  This has been true for years and years and years.  The idea of neutral objective journalism that we used to take pride in has been gone a long long time.  And the bias is to the Left, in case anyone has any doubts.  But you'll even see misinformation claiming the press is biased to the Right.  It seems they will say anything.  And we've known it, most of us on the Right have known it.  It's depressing and demoralizing.  Where has America gone?

In this election season they pulled out all the stops to vilify Trump and give Clinton the whitewash treatment.  They put out fake polls and fake prognostics saying Trump had no chance to win.   I guess there are uncritical people who unfortunately believe such stuff.  Then what happens when they turn out to be wrong?  They double down on their attempts to deceive the public.  They accuse their opponents of putting out "fake news" when it's been their doing all along.

The alternative or independent media, such as Infowars, Drudge Report and Breitbart, were calling it like it is all along, so now the MSM has launched this attack on THEM, calling THEM "fake news."  What a scurrilous bunch.  Here's a page on the subject that Infowars just put out.

And on the excuse of "fake news" there are also rumblings about how those sites they've falsely called fake news should be shut down.  No shame about calling for outright censorship of other points of view.  Where has America gone?

It's gone to the Left, it's gone to lies and disinformation, it's gone to revisionist American history designed to discredit the nation in as many ways as possible, much of it aimed against the "evil" white man, and "Christians," making use of the weapons of Political Correctness, by calling us racists and so on; it's gone to manufactured destructive philosophies that are pushed on generations of university students, and for that matter on students at every level of American education.  Postmodernism is essentially an attack on basic morality.  The Jesuits couldn't have done a better job ....  or perhaps this IS their doing.

Talk shows like Rush Limbaugh's and some on Fox News try to keep the truth on the table, and of course they are ridiculed by the Leftists.  I'm afraid that some of us have seen it all happening but done nothing.  We haven't really known what to do.  Cry a lot I guess.  Hide from it, hope we'll wake up and find out it isn't really going on?  Some of us anyway no doubt.  One reason I make so much of the need to pray is that I don't pray enough myself. 

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