Sunday, November 13, 2016

You can't just say it, you have to prove it.

PLEASE:  PROVE IT, one way or another, prove it.  The mainstream media and their talking heads say things like how Hillary won the popular vote by such and such a number.  The alternative conservative media says the DEMOCRATS STOLE THE ELECTION IN FIVE STATES.  Examples of this were reported during the election while it was happening.  If you compare the numbers it could be that Hillary did NOT have the popular vote. 

There shouldn't be some people who know this and some who don't. 

The mainstream is also reporting that there is violence by Trump supporters against Hillary supporters.  I've seen lots of video that shows it is the other way around and seen NO video that supports it.  Newt Gingrich said the viole3nce by Trump voters is completely fabricated.  This is a matter of FACT.  There shouldn't be different opinions on such an issue.  IT NEEDS TO BE PROVED ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

Propaganda is a known tool of Marxists and Communists.  Lying is their forte and a favorite method for getting their way.  They don't mind misleading the whole nation if it serves their selfish ends.  And I'm sure there are some among the conservatives who aren't above such things either, but it's practically the definition of the Left.


And I'm tired of hearing how Trump's concern with national security is racism or xenophobia.  NO, IT IS A CONCERN WITH NATIONAL SECURITY.  Turning that into racism is Leftist politically correct propaganda-generated paranoia.  It's unfortunate that there are racist groups that support Trump, and he should repudiate them to be absolutely clear, but he isn't responsible for their supporting him.   Is Trump a misogynist?  In spite of his crude talk at times I don't think so.  Stop using such epithets.

America has never been perfect but I don't remember ever before seeing anything like the degree of manipulation and self-serving lies we've been seeing by the Left over the last few decades.


Alec said...

Hi Faith,

"Propaganda is a known tool of Marxists and Communists." Yes, this is true but it's not complete. Fascists are the masters of propaganda, too.

Faith aka Connie said...

OK, Alec, but please expand. Are you calling Trump a fascist? That term is such a piece of political correctness I don't know if anybody really knows what it means any more. Explain?

In any case somebody is inventing some claims of violence. The reports I've seen show the anti-Trump people doing it, actual video evidence, and on the other side is just rumors.

Alec said...
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Alec said...

Hi Connie, no, did I say anything about Trump? I was not referring to you or any particular person. My point was tangential to the topic of your post. I've enjoyed the accuracy of your writing for quite some time. Just wanted to correct a factual error.

Fascism is a real ideology. One of the core ideas is the denial of absolute morality. This is transcendent truth which applies to all people in all places at all times. Instead, morality is determined by the will of those who lead and is based in a particular culture and moment. Individual rights don't really exist because the individual doesn't really exist apart from the tribe or small group. These in turn are rolled up into larger units and eventually the nation-state under the masterful leader who embodies the strength, vision and power of the whole.

How to get everyone subsumed into the whole?

Fascists have always accomplished this through the use of technology - media. This molding of the thinking and beliefs of the people was first done in crude but sophisticated ways by Goebbels and Bernays. What goes on today is orders of magnitude more sophisticated. The Marxists learned from the Fascists. But the Fascists have never gone away.

Fascism is by definition a revolutionary movement, just as is Socialism. It cannot be conservative. Yet, because totalitarian movements have learned that people are more easily changed through the powers of image and emotional experience than by reason, you can easily find Americans who believe fascist ideology and still consider themselves conservatives. Some of the modern fascists sell themselves as conservatives. And people believe it, because they increasingly don't care to be consistent. They only want to belong.