Thursday, November 20, 2014

All three branches of the govt are rotten to the core

Headlines say House Republicans are looking for a way to stop Obama's Imperial Act of illegally using the Executive Order to protect millions of illegal aliens from deportation, which he is expected to do tonight.  His action is unconstitutional but Congress just tied their own hands as far as God's blessings on their endeavors go, by having an imam give a prayer for them.  Obama's plan is illegal, but Congress is not in any position to do much about it. 

The whole lot should be impeached, Obama, the entire Supreme Court and most of Congress.  Send them all packing, then demolish the Capitol building which is just a copy of St. Peter's basilica in Rome, including its pagan obelisk in the Washington Monument, and has portraits of a couple of Popes in it too  -- how on earth did they get away with that?  The Pope should feel quite at home when they welcome him next September.  Demolish the Supreme Court building too since it has icons of supposed legal minds on it that include the likes of Mohammed.  How did they get away with THAT? And all over Washington are images of pagan gods and goddesses. When did they sneak all that in?

The US has a powerful Christian history, but you wouldn't know it by these architectural symbols which reek of paganism and Romanism.  Perhaps what's going on inside them these days is simply fulfillment of their anti-Christian symbology. 

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