Thursday, October 23, 2014

Right politics, bad history

Just ran across this video of Pat Robertson denouncing gay activists as terrorists and felt like posting it because I agree with him about that, but also because of what he says about the Inquisition.  He repeats the error that so many hold these days, treating the Inquisition as OUR heritage, as something we need to apologize for, the heritage of the Protestant Church as well as the Roman Church.  The ignorance of history is depressing.  Protestants, pre-Reformation Protestants, were the VICTIMS of the Inquisition. 

He also of course thinks it can never happen again.  I'm not so sure, but if it does, again Protestants will be its victims.  And since there is such ignorance about history the chances that it could occur again are thereby increased enormously.  Nobody is looking at the source from which it would arise. 

So here's Pat:

Oh, by the way, some pastors from across the country, and even Canada and Australia and Germany have sent sermons and Bibles to Houston's mayor as Mike Huckabee suggested they do.

I guess this is a good thing, at least it's some kind of action in response to her outrageous attempt to violate religious freedom.

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