Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Preaching and praying the Bible far more effective than sending them

Heard a report that Houston's mayor got something over 500 Bibles sent to her in protest of her subpoena of the writings of Houston pastors.  Also heard that it wasn't just Mike Huckabee who made the call for this form of protest but also Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck.  Well, Ted Cruz is a Protestant, at least he belongs to a Southern Baptist church according to Wikipedia, so he can put out a call to pastors for such a purpose. 

But not dear Glenn Beck, smart lovable solid patriot conservative Glenn Beck the heretic.  He's also calling for revival but this is just another way revival is hindered because a Mormon can't call us to genuine revival.   If people responded to his call to send  Bibles that is NOT a good sign.

There are some great conservative Catholics we have to leave out too. I think first of Alan Keyes and Allen West, but there are lots of others. Can't include them if we want genuine revival.

But I don't really think sending Bibles or sermons does much to deal with what we are facing in such unconstitutional actions as taken by Houston's mayor.  It's a good sign that the Church is paying attention and cares enough to try to do something, but it isn't the something we need.  Michael Brown's suggestion would have been more effective in my opinion: that pastors across the nation preach that following Sunday on what the Bible says about homosexuality.  And the reason it would be more effective is that it would be an act of boldness that pastors are likely to be intimidated out of these days, and it's a spiritual action that could get God's ear.  Whereas sending sermons and Bibles is just human action.  Preaching and prayer are a much better direction for the Church to take, and especially in bold declaration of God's word, and I wish those who called for the sermons and Bibles had instead followed Michael Brown's lead.

The headlines are hard to take again today.  Some of the stories I can't even get myself to read because it will just upset me.  Islam encroaching further, more stupidity in high places, or is it malice, more evil for good and good for evil.  And a story about a study of beliefs of evangelicals that shows a lot of confusion about major doctrinal issues, especially concerning the Trinity.

I'm going to put up a permanent page on the possibility of revival, collecting my recent thoughts on it.  It's the only solution possible, nothing we do at a human level will accomplish anything which ought to be pretty apparent to us by now.   And we've been doing something wrong in our attempts to reach God too, which is my main concern.  God must act or we're lost.  We need revival, we need His direct revitalization of the Church.  And yet in the current situations we're facing nothing could be less likely.  Still, God is the God of the impossible, sovereign over all things.  And if we make a concerted effort to honor His conditions...   well, I haven't given up yet.

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