Saturday, September 7, 2013

Time with the Lord the key to bringing God's power back to the Church

On Pilgrim Radio this morning I heard THE message I crave, from a Nigerian pastor named Tope Koleoso, to an audience of Reformed pastors (it applies as well to most Christian churches):  the charismatics have gone off the rails but the Reformed (and evangelical churches in general) are starving for the Holy Spirit.  We need the Holy Spirit no matter what the false teachers are doing. 

Don't we already know that?  I could practically preach it myself.  The thing is we know and do not do.  We need to spend time in praise, worship, prayer, LOTS of time with the Lord.  We can't expect the Holy Spirit to move, or guide us personally, without MUCH time spent with the Lord.  We may have begun in the Spirit but how easily we continue in the flesh.  Don't we know that too?  Then let's do it.
My eyes are so bad these days I can't stay online for long anyway.  I pray the Lord will use this fact to lead me into greater time with Him.

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