Saturday, March 9, 2013

Setting us up for the police state

Been hearing for some time now from a number of sources how various government agencies have been arming themselves to an extraordinary degree, all during this period of stepped-up assault on the Second Amendment in the effort to take OUR guns away from us. 

The most depressing part is the supposed use of pictures of ordinary Americans as targets.   Those who want to take away our guns don't seem to mind leaving us vulnerable to be targets for the very forces the Second Amendment was intended to protect us from.  Of course some of them are no doubt ignorant of all this, won't believe it anyway, just "right wing propaganda," right? 

But even the targets themselves don't seem to be paying attention.  Got this in email this morning, seems like a good one to post: 

Wake Up Christians indeed!
For example, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has purchased over 2 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition (enough to wage a 30-year war); the DHS has purchased over 7,000 AR-15s. The DHS calls them Personal Defense Weapons (PDW). These are the same semi-automatic rifles with high capacity magazines that when you and I buy them are called “assault rifles.”

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