Thursday, January 19, 2012

The idolatry of human feelings must be repented of, in the heaven stories and in 9/11 if we want God's blessings

Another thing I think I have to say today is that I've been realizing I haven't gone far enough on the "heaven" stories or the attack of 9/11. I've been waffling on the majority reaction of people that puts all the emphasis on the suffering people, on the boys who had the heaven experiences because they almost died so we must first of all soothe the feelings of those involved, think of it as God's mercy that they have been spared and so on, and on the victims of 9/11 RATHER THAN GOD'S CLAIMS ON US.

Yes, I know I'm committing one of the biggest sins in the eyes of the world by saying this, but I'd rather that than commit the worse sin of giving in to mere human fleshly sentimentality while slighting the Lord. If God isn't greatest in all our thoughts, if He isn't the Beloved of our hearts, if we put ANYTHING above Him, we are committing adultery/idolatry against Him.

No, the victims of 9/11 should NOT be our first consideration, though I've allowed myself to say that they should because it's the popular attitude.

God's will should always be our first consideration and in the case of 9/11 what we SHOULD have done, even those who lost loved ones, is GET DOWN ON OUR KNEES AND ASK GOD TO FORGIVE US FOR THE SINS THAT DESERVED THAT JUDGMENT FROM HIM.

And with the heaven stories, there too the feelings of the parents, and the sufferings of their children that led to their having these visions, are put ahead of the fact that the heaven stories are bogus for all kinds of reasons. They are lies and they are deceiving God's people and that is far and away what should matter to us most. It's a great sin to put concern for a family's suffering above the effect of the lies they are promoting, that influence other people against the true God. And that is what we should say to the family as well. The heaven stories are lies from the devil that mislead people about the nature of God and Christ. The devil has no compunctions about exploiting children in the service of his lies, but we shouldn't allow him to play on our feelings when the more important thing is that his lies be exposed and denounced.

Such feelings are an idolatry, and part of the reason God is allowing us to be subjected to such deceptions as the heaven stories.

We can and should commiserate in private with those who suffered in 9/11 but a public event that influences people in the wrong direction is what needs to be the target of public concern. On 9/11 preachers all over the country got up and assured everybody that this was NOT God's judgment, and denounced those few who rightly called it that. They expressed in some cases a great deal of moral indignation in the service of concern for the victims and against the concerns of God Himself who was warning us of judgment on the entire nation of America. Those pastors need to repent before God and the nation. Christians should go to the memorial services for the victims, hurt with the hurting, be a strength for those who suffer, BUT THE MESSAGE OF 9/11 IS NOT ABOUT THE VICTIMS AS SUCH, it is that there will be many many MANY more victims and the loss of a once-great nation that God had blessed mightily for years, if God's judgment warning is ignored!


Jesus said we must put nothing and nobody above Him, we must even hate our own family if they take His place in our hearts.

Human sentiment rises up against such a teaching, but human sentiment is the problem and we must not follow it.

Yes, I am repenting here of my own succumbing to the putting of human sentiment above God.


Jim M said...

Connie, you articulated my thoughts on this subject to a "T". Thank you!

Faith aka Connie said...

Thank you, Jim. Please stick around and say more. (It's nice to be agreed with occasionally)