Friday, September 21, 2012

Timely encouragement

Sometimes you lose heart for what you thought was your calling, lose your sense of direction and need a light back to the path. But then the Lord brings just exactly the encouragement you need.

I've received two or three bits of needed encouragement recently, but one in particular was so especially effective I'm going to quote some of it here as a reminder to me if nothing else, and maybe even an encouragement to someone else. You never know:
A 'reformed' position breathes out of your writing, Connie, this is why I took to your blogs so much, finding the whole thrust of your position trustworthy.
Even if you express nothing beyond defense - which is the primary task - there is something in your writing which speaks for yourself and more importantly for the 'reformed' faith. But after all that, it is the passion for truth and the love of the Lord that drives us on....
My personal advice, for what it's worth, would be: go back to your writing on the Harbinger, which you are good at, and enjoy it again, free from niggling 'concerns' which are hindering. ... you cannot, as said, hide your 'reformed position', even if you do not state it, it breathes out of your writing!, write according to your conscience ...No worries, keep going and be happy that the Lord has smiled upon you. ...Smile back at the Lord and love the work he gives you.
Thank you, my lovely sister in Christ.

I would hope my thinking is Reformed in essence and it makes me SO happy to see that someone else with a Reformed perspective appreciates it, and it does release me from some heaviness that has been slowing me down recently. 

Back to work!


The Pepster said...

Way to go Faith. It is apparent and self-evident by the confirmation of more than one witness either than myself that this is your calling, and why this fellow Christian (myself) always seeks to encourage you to carry on and persevere no matter how much criticisms you might receive from people such as James and others who hold their Dispensational/Cessationist Theology and try to impose it on other Christians.

Faith aka Connie said...

Hey Pepster, thanks.