Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New Criticism of The Harbinger: Douma

Apparently the criticism of The Harbinger isn't going to stop soon. Here comes another attack on the book, aired by Brannon Howse on his Worldview Weekend program.
Today Brannon plays a powerful presentation by Pastor Eric Douma of Twin City Fellowship. Days before Jonathan Cahn appears in the Twin Cities, Pastor Douma is warning of the dangerous theological issue with Cahn’s book. Pastor Douma has done his Biblical homework and lays out point by point the serious theological errors of Cahn’s book. After listening to this program if someone can still defend Cahn’s book and theology then I think we have to seriously question their discernment and commitment to the authority of Scripture not to mention their lack of ability to study the Bible in context. Be sure to listen and post to your Facebook page.
Here's the whole sermon, Can The Bible Ever Mean What It Never Meant? / Case Study: The Harbinger, at the site of Eric Douma's church Twin City Fellowship.

I'm only halfway through it and I feel like screaming and tearing my hair out.  I know this is REALLY unhelpful, but take it as a sign that I hope to come back and do my best to show the absolute nonsense of this unfortunately all too typical critique of The Harbinger.

It's like they're all focused on the minutiae of words, taking them apart under a microscope with a tweezers to find errors that don't exist. OK, yes, I know that's unhelpful. Sorry. I hope I can do something more persuasive later.

Good grief, the devil is busy these days, inventing problems with this book, but he's also been tripping me up.  It's my own fault, I haven't been watchful enough.  The Lord says we must lose our lives and I've been trying hard to save mine.  Not my physical life I hasten to add, though perhaps my physical wellbeing, plus inconveniences and ego stuff I end up having to apologize for.  Devil knows I'm susceptible to all that but I can't blame him, just have to be more watchful and prayerful.  Watch, pray, stand.  If you don't watch and pray you don't stand.

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