Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another interview of Jonathan Cahn by Brannon Howse: another exercise in futility

Brannon Howse had Jonathan Cahn on again, and kept saying how courageous it was of Cahn to come on the show, but why would it take courage? (I'm suspicious of a power play here, to keep the upper hand, but maybe I'm being unfair).

Rather than its taking courage, on the contrary Cahn must have been eager for the opportunity to try to correct the many misunderstandings of The Harbinger in the previous programs Howse has done on the book.

Not that there was really much of an opportunity, however, as Howse simply has a head full of questions he wants answered that have nothing to do with The Harbinger, the usual irrelevant criticisms that focus on the packaging or structure of the book rather than the message.

It's unfortunately only too clear that Brannon Howse has absolutely no idea what The Harbinger is about, and most likely doesn't really understand the answers Cahn gave to the questions he asked either. Still hasn't read the book of course.

Again, as I keep saying, what the critics have to account for is the reality of the "harbingers," those events that so uncannily echo Isaiah 9:10 that just happened to occur in connection with the attack on the WTC on 9/11, that is, they have to account for them as having any other source than God Himself. It's the appearance of the harbingers that amazes those readers who *get it,* that's what has made the book a best seller. So far the critics have missed it completely.

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