Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, I thought well maybe after all I should do some looking into this Illuminati thing and related conspiracy stuff. I am writing this post after the briefest of encounters with the material in this arena, a look at the book about "bloodlines" by Fritz Springmeier and a glance at some stuff by David Icke, also a brief comparison of some of their assertions about various personalities with Wikipedia entries on the same people, and although it is very early in my investigations I have little interest in going any further (though I may, who knows) and although my assessment at this admittedly early point may have to be modified down the road, who knows, for the moment my impression is that

THIS STUFF IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE! It's written in such a way the reader hasn't a chance of ever finding out what's a fact and what's not. What are probably facts are all mixed up with bald assertions, wild guesses, speculations and imaginations, insinuations and accusations in an incredible hodgepodge of craziness.

Knowing me, I won't be able to let myself get away with such an assessment because it's based on so little acquaintance with the material, so I'll probably have to read more of this nonsense, but it often happens that my first take on this sort of thing is only confirmed and deepened as I study further. I really don't know what I'm going to do at this point since I already need a break from it and can hardly stand the thought of reading any more. I'm disgusted that anybody thinks such writings qualify as "documented" when that's precisely what is lacking.


Elmers Brother said...

I've run into a few of these Illuminati type kooks. One posts on my blog all the time. It's circular nonsense. No matter how many times you show them that they're crazy it just makes them scream crazy stuff louder.

they're nuts.

Faith said...

I really never wanted to have to think about this stuff at all but now I think I have to somewhat. They act like they think they have evidence, but they don't seem to know what evidence is.

Faith said...

Thanks for visiting, Elbro.

Elmers Brother said...

your absolutely right. One time they tried to tell me that Cheney admitted something or other and cited an interview. I found the whole transcript and showed them the error. Didn't make a difference at all.