Monday, November 3, 2008

Am I wrong to be happy seeing this coming?

I want to chronicle here an unexpected reaction I'm having to the end times information I've been posting about and reading about. As I reported some time back, I'm occasionally hit with a wave of fear when the reality of these things comes through to me with force. I suppose I'm not alone in this. No matter how committed a Christian is, we must occasionally succumb to such feelings. But that is just a good reason to seek the Lord in more earnest and He will lift us out of it. Prayer and immersion in the Word take away the fear. It helps to pray particularly for the perfect love that casts out fear.

But the unexpected reaction I want to report on is an almost giddy feeling of happiness that the end times are really upon us. Now, you must understand that this excitement is not coming with any apprehension of anybody's suffering as a result of what's coming -- as soon as I'm aware of that aspect of things I sober up fast. But just the apprehension that it really is upon us, that a whole body of Biblical prophecy really is beginning to come to fulfillment, that the truth of the Word is coming alive in our time, that the Lord Himself is going to come soon, gives me a feeling of elation that's hard to describe, a sensation of giddy joy bubbling through me.

It happens when the outrageous lying and cheating and corruption going on in this election is made apparent. Now, I need to make clear here that for weeks now the more I've seen of this the sadder it's made me. I've probably cried more in the last few weeks and months than ever before because of the way the world is going and the way this country is going. But just a couple of times recently I've had this elated feeling instead.

It just happened to me after seeing a video showing how Barack Obama's candidacy for President has been planned and staged for years, through decades-long associations with the Weather Underground people and Muslim supporters for instance, and how the usual necessary information about a candidate is in his case severely suppressed (how, with bribes?). His candidacy has been many years in the making, though it seems to us that he just came out of the blue. Fulfillment of the prophecy of the little horn that just pushes its way up from nowhere to dominate the field? The thought makes me giddy. It COULD I suppose give me fear but it makes me giddy instead. (Whether this becomes reality or not doesn't matter; the thought itself makes me giddy).

It's brief, a momentary wonderment and excitement, but I think it's a good thing overall. I'm typically far from what they call a Sanguine type, really a Melancholy, to use those overworked categories, so the terrible things that must happen will probably keep me from bubbling over much as events progress, but I'm glad I can be glad at a time like this, at a time of merely contemplating the unfolding of the Lord's grand finale, horrific though it is going to be, for me no doubt along with everybody else. (What makes me saddest when I do sober up is the family and friends who are not saved, who are believing the lie. THAT can make me VERY sad.)

The last days will be the opportunity for the unfettering of the human spirit, the "flesh," to its expansive maximum, in its aim to rule the world and deny God. It's going to be an all-out demonstration of whatever is in fallen human nature, what it considers its goodness but in reality is its depths of evil, but in the end the goodness and glory of the Lord will show it for what it is. I almost feel giddy enough to say "Pass the popcorn" but I know I need to sober up. For one thing, this isn't going to be a spectator event. But we should have joy through it anyway, if not giddy excitement (but I wouldn't mind having giddy excitement through it all, if possible).

I hope that God's people will become very strong in these last days, that we will cast off everything we have let hinder us, every bit of worldly baggage that has a hold on us, and throw ourselves completely into dependence on the Lord in trust and obedience. Strength in prayer, strength in obedience.

Come soon, Lord Jesus.

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