Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Progressive" Politics and the Antichrist

Here's a You Tube video about Antichrist candidate, Maitreya, heralded by one Benjamin Creme -- You can find out more about them by listening to Scott Johnson's talks I linked in a post below, the first one at least, or the first two. (Lord Maitreya, the Antichrist? Also Mars, Lord Maitreya, the Ascended Masters & Strong Delusion Also the PDF file that goes with it.)

Maitreya is presented by Creme as "The Teacher," but also The Christ or the Imam Mahdi or The Messiah and so on, the fulfillment of expected messianic figures of all religions. "Maitreya" is the name of the Buddhist expected leader. He's to be a spiritual AND political world leader who has plans for setting the world right. The idea is that we're in such a mess it's going to take such a leader of course. He also predicted a worldwide economic collapse, by the way, but then many of us have been predicting something along those lines.

Creme CHANNELS Maitreya, who speaks to him inwardly, the way a familiar spirit communicates with a medium. Maitreya "chose" Creme for this function back in the 70s, the same way a demon chose Helen Schucman and dictated the New Age teaching A Course in Miracles to her. As I've pointed out before, A Course in Miracles is one of Oprah's favorite pieces of demonic wisdom which she is sponsoring for this entire year.

Well, guess what Maitreya's message is? SHARING with others. Share International is the name of his site, and it has connections to the United Nations.

Soft Marxism. The Progressive line. Leftist economics.

Capitalism, according to him, here represented by his channeler Creme, is inherently evil. Just look around the world, he says. America has great wealth but so much of the rest of the world lives in dire poverty and we're going to have to learn to SHARE. Then everything will be set right, and the whole world will live in peace.

That's pretty much the Leftist idea, right? Obama represents it too. First an American socialist antichrist will get himself elected with help from powers and principalities, and then the Satan-possessed world leader will appear with supernatural powers, and we'll all come under socialism. By force, of course, because that's how it's always done. The change Obama has in mind sure has nothing to do with freedom.

Creme speaking for Maitreya also said that the message of 9/11 is that we have to share with the underprivileged, implying that 9/11 was justified revenge on the wealthy nation. Yup, wealth is not produced by hard work, nor is it a blessing from God, and poverty is not the result of bad practices and bad governments. No, the inequities are all just a terrible natural accident of capitalism. Creme's talk is straight Leftist (just as Obama's is). We're all so "intolerant" and "divisive." This is what has to "change" in our world of course. Evil capitalism.

Aside from the fact that America is already the most generous nation in the world and has been for a long time, this explanation of the causes of wealth and poverty is just insanity, as Marxism always has been.

Just what we need, right? A supernaturally endowed religious figure coming to impose socialism on us. It isn't just a national political platform, it's the program of the United Nations, it's the program of the New World Religion, it's the program of the Antichrist.

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