Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama the Enigma, Obama the Liar

I'm just going to post some bare links here for now, because they are good references I'd like to see people read, and I don't have time to quote from them or make comments on them until later.

What Obama gets away with is staggering.

An attempt to piece together facts about Obama that he himself is not forthcoming about: Obama Timeline.

An Enigma Named Barack by Blogger L.A. Sunset

Dear Mr. Obama by Blogger Z, showing the Alinsky guidelines for winning elections and destroying the opposition among other things.

A Letter to Obama detailing his lies.

Later: Had planned to expand this but I'm not going to get to it. The links speak for themselves.

Later yet: There are some videos at You Tube about Obama the Fuhrer, complete with Obama (Nazi) Youth, worth taking a look at. Here's one

And still later: That video with the pictures of Hitler Youth keeps being pulled and then reinstated. The original of the music is here, and really, it's way scarier.

Nov. 6: Here's an article psychoanalyzing President-elect Obama. I don't think we really need the official diagnostic category, the description speaks for itself.

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