Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Abstinence-Only "Sex Education"

Let's get something clear. The policy of teaching Abstinence-Only in Sex Education classes is NOT ABOUT PREVENTING PREGNANCIES.

It's a MORAL position. It's the RIGHT position. Hopefully it MIGHT prevent fornication by declaring it wrong, but if it doesn't it doesn't, at least the principle is out there as the standard to be honored. The point is that it's the RIGHT ATTITUDE toward premarital sex.

If you dispense condoms you are teaching that premarital sex is OK. "They're going to do it anyway" is stupid. They are less likely to do it if they are clearly and convincingly taught that it is morally wrong, but focusing exclusively on what they do and on the practical consequences of doing it, misses the point that it's the moral principle that matters, is the reason we on the Right promote Abstinence-Only.

People may sin all they want on their own conscience -- it's better for their moral and spiritual health if they don't, of course, and this should be vigorously taught as part of the program -- but the nation as a whole, AS a nation, MUST have right standards or the whole country is going down the drain.

Pregnancy is the problem from the point of view of the Left, not the Right. How did we let the Atheist and Leftist camps define this?

(Reminds me I'll probably get back to making some comments on the evolution-creation debate eventually too).

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