Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Election ... sigh

I keep coming back to a comment I saw on a forum a while back, in a discussion of the candidates for President this year:  

What we need is a System Reset Button,

or a giant asteroid ....


HOWEVER:  I'm not giving up on Trump, I just wish he wasn't such a loose cannon at times, and didn't have such a record of life decisions that are contrary to anything a Christian should support.

UPDATE:  Chris Pinto on his radio show makes some good points about how the media skew opinion for Hillary while in reality Trump is far more popular.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Chris Pinto's Bridge to Babylon documentary on the Bible versions is out

Just posted a brief blurb for Chris Pinto's latest documentary, Bridge to Babylon, at my other blog, The Great Bible Hoax of 1881.  It promises to be a thorough expose' of the corruptions in the modern Bible versions.

UPDATE:  I saw half the documentary and then for some reason my DVD player rejects it.  I don't know what happened and I'm too LowTech to figure it out.  I spent hours already thinking it was the player.  But the player seems to be OK, so something seems to have happened to the DVD itself.  Any advice welcome.  Thanks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is the Last Trump about to Sound?

Can't help the pun at this point, the name is just too prophetically pregnant. It's close, very close.

Whatever Trump the American Presidential candidate's faults, he's the only possible choice for a conservative. National sovereignty, anti-globalism, and the future of the Supreme Court are maybe the biggest issues. Trump makes me nervous because although he's mostly come out on the same side of the issues I'm on, he's unpredictable.

But the only alternative would be an unmitigated disaster for America. So the choice is clear from my point of view.

God's plans may be something else of course. It may be time for judgment to fall and the global government to be realized, the government that will certainly be headed by the final Antichrist of scripture. Which I still think will probably be Pope Francis, who is a globalist, and aggressively engaged in uniting all the religions -- which is a necessary precursor to the world government of the Antichrist.

I pray that Catholics will wake up and finally see through the papal institution.

So: the last Trump will sound and Christians remaining alive will be taken up, raptured, to be with the Lord. Before or after the reign of the Antichrist? I'm still not entirely sure.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump pretty much has the nomination now. But I'm not really happy about it.

For a campaign season that started out looking pretty good with all those good conservatives running for President, it's sure come down to a very strange bust. Although I've defended Trump here, in the end I don't like him. His crude style, his immoral life, all add up to a bad Presidential image even if I like some of his policy statements.

His last competitor, Ted Cruz, just dropped out today and that leaves Trump as the lone Republican contender. If I can't bring myself to vote for him I'll be giving it up to Hillary. But I have no idea if I represent any other voters at this point. Trump could win considering the great groundswell of support he's had all along.

I wish this whole season could just be erased and completely new and worthy Republicans, or one at least, would suddenly appear from nowhere and outshine Trump at the last minute. Prayer would be better than wishing of course.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chinese Christians

It's an old video but it's cheering. The West has been coming to despise the Word of God but the Chinese are thrilled and grateful to be given Bibles. Christianity has been growing in China for decades. Estimates of the number of Christians in China is up to 100 million, 250 million projected by 2030.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I felt it myself but didn't quite have the nerve to say it. Then I saw it said at Front Page Magazine.

Yes, stop the grieving for the victims of the Brussels attack. The direct victims must grieve and be comforted, but everybody else: you should be ANGRY, you should be UP IN ARMS, you should be denouncing these murdering servants of the devil with every breath you take. Why are you shedding powerless tears and sending sweet sad condolences to Brussels when you should be declaring war on the enemies of Europe?

I know why and it's sadder than sad that you are the captives of the evil philosophies of Cultural Marxist Political Correctness.

And as I keep saying too:  I know it's because you hate the true God and this powerlessness is your due punishment.  This powerlessness that only feeds the ambitions of the jihadists. 


Oh Lord. wake up Your people to pray for them.

Brussels: Soon-coming Capital of the Islamic State of Europe

The Political Correctness that us the real reason for the jihadist attacks in Europe is pretty depressing.  Makes me want to grab the leftists by the shoulders and shake them until the craziness in their brains falls out.

But I know only too well that their craziness is part of God's judgment.   Until Europe turns back to God it will stay solidly planted in those brains.

There's a picture of the wreckage in Brussels at the top of today's Front Page article on the attack, Isis Takes the Capital of the European Union, and the expression on the face of the man facing the camera suggests to me the hopelessness of it all.  I'm probably projecting but they must know the situation is hopeless because they must know that this wouldn't be happening if it weren't for the leftist politics that controls Europe.  They HAVE to know that at some level.  But they are enslaved to it, they can't get rid of it, because that would be "racist" or "Islamophobic."

It had escaped me yesterday that Brussels is the Capital of the European Union, but how very ... prophetic.  The article points out that the Muslim population of Brussels is almost a quarter of the total, some 300,000, and that they'll likely be the majority in only 14 years. 

What's their answer to this?  Hey, it's "more diversity:"

It makes for some pretty ghoulish irony:
Last year during the European Parliament elections, Brussels became the site of the first terrorist attack by a returning ISIS fighter. The target was the Jewish Museum of Belgium. The Mayor of Brussels said that more diversity was the answer. Next year, Jihadists operating partly out of Brussels carried out a massacre of 130 people in Paris while shouting “Allahu Akbar” at each killing spree.

The dead included French, Belgians, Mexicans, Germans, Portuguese, Romanians and Chileans.

The killers were all Muslims.

That is what diversity looks like now. 
The usual explanations have failed of course, since they're all based on a denial of reality required by Political Correctness:
This is not a social problem. It is a supremacist problem.

Muslim terrorism is not caused by despair, but by hope. A Muslim suicide bomber does not die out of hopelessness, but because he hopes to impose Islam and earn 72 virgins in paradise. He shouts “Allahu Akbar”, proclaiming the supremacy of his Islamic religion over Christianity, Judaism and all the rest, as he kills his victims because he believes that a different Europe is possible. An Islamic Europe.

The latest terror attack in Brussels has been called “an attack on all of Europe.” But it’s Brussels, with the insistence on open borders and open migrant policies, that is the real attack on all of Europe.

Muslim immigration is its outcome. Muslim terrorism is the outcome of Muslim immigration.

...Brussels is where Europe’s future died. It is the first real outpost of the Islamic State in Europe. It shows us Europe’s terrible future if the invasion does not end.

...Take in the sight of broken glass and bloodied bodies, frightened families fleeing through the smoke, faces covered in ash, and remember that this is the outcome of the progressive vision for Europe.

This is reality intruding into the fantasies of immigration and integration where a new multicultural Europe shines forth as a beacon from Brussels to show us a better world. These people died so that you would know the truth. They were not the first and they will not be the last.

If we do not want to end up the same way, we must end Islamic immigration before it ends us.
(my emphasis)
Sadly, the same mentality that rules in Europe is doing its tyrannical best to bring about the same destruction here. The voices condemning Trump and shutting down his rallies are the same forces that are destroying Europe. Try to tell leftists about any of this and you find out very soon that they are quite willing to drop all pretense to civility and murder you with words.  It is truly an ironclad delusion.

I'm hoping Trump's willingness to shout back will prevail, but that depends on how far gone we are under God's heavy hand of judgment.
Practicing Muslims outnumber practicing Christians in Brussels. 
They need to wake up and pray like they've never prayed before.

And so do we.